Thursday, December 28, 2006

security, security, security....

merry ex-mas to all my readers.

ex-mas was ok here. couldn't get in the mood. it was pretty crazy on the vilankulo beach though. mozambicans are total party animals.

still in mozambique. however, the pace has quickened. on boxing day i left vilankulo (finally) for ilha do mocimbique in the northern part of the country.

more than 48 hrs of transit time, topped by THE worst bus ride EVER.

first, it took 1 bus and 1 chapa ( passenger van) ride to the zambezi river on day 1. from the zambezi, i broke a security rule by traveling at night by chapa to quelimane on the coast. i was stuck at the open air bus station in quelimane (very dodgy place at night) for 4 hours (another security rule broken) while waiting for a 4 AM bus for nampulas.

at 4 AM, everyone piled into the bus. i mean it was a free for all. the potential for death was great. everyone was just pushing. i got the hell off that bus for i was crushed. clear example of the bus company not caring about their clients. those idiots should sell tix for their buses. there must have been 150 passengers in a bus designed for 105.

i eventually got back on the bus. however, i had to do some bus surfing (stand in the aisle) for the next 12 hrs to nampulas.

damn it was hot. i wasn't sure if i was going to make it. i had to ask my fellow travelers for water. i kept running out of my own.

i stopped the insanity last night.

it was dark. for security reasons i took a cab to the best hotel (which has passed it's best years).

so, later today i'm headed to ilha do mocimbique,"the oldest european settlement in africa". the chapa ride out there should be a piece of cake.

by the way, the africans hate these bus rides as well.

from ilha do mocimbique, i think i'm headed for malawi.

i might be there for NYE.

don't hold your breath though...


Anonymous said...

thats like 2 bad bus rides

or is it more

whats a beer worth in ilha do mocimbique anyway

bubba said...

dear mr. anon: that's 3 different vehicles. a beer (500 ml bottle) is 25 MTN for locals and 50 MTN for touristas. 1 USD = 25 MTN

Haus Frau said...

Hola chico!

Happy New Year! Good to see you are still out there and living it large!

Ahmed is behaving himself - jet lag finally wore off and he only turned a light shade of grinchy-green this year - so it is all good here!

Malawi is supposed to be great - have fun! Try and stay off the roads at night though will ya'?!!

Big hugs from the icy land...

bubba said...

HNY house frau!!!