Monday, December 04, 2006

speed of light

hello my friends.

another short post. i'm traveling at the speed of light right now. things should slow down dramatically after the 10th of december.

i have to get my butt over to maun, botswana before sundown today. maun is the gateway to the okavango delta (the largest inland delta on the face of the planet)

UPDATE: my mama seems to be on the fast track to recovery.


Steve H. said...

Glad to hear the Parental Unit is okay. Nasty timing, that. BTW, don't worry about Premier Morton. Notwithstanding the efforts of the Yapping Dog, he's out and some guy named "Steady Eddy" Stelmach is in. Oh yeah, Citoyen Dion of Paree is the new leader of the Libranos.

Watch out for Crocs on that delta, mate.

dean said...

Glad you Mom's well Al.

Guess what? I'm going to Costa Rica for 5 weeks to volunteer at this school. Quite excited, wish I could go longer though.