Friday, June 30, 2006

a sad day...

as of today, LB and LG no longer live in calgary.

they will live in BC.

it's a sad day for our family.

it will be really quiet around here.

i wish them well.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

mish mash, again... and a world cup 2006 update.

after a dismal winter on this tundra, i love the hot weather. makes running a little tougher but i'll take the heat for it.

reality tv is killing me. i watched snippets of america's got talent tonite. it bad. really bad. it's really a poor knock off of the 70's the gong show. let's see... regis philbin was chuck barris, david hasselhoff was an unfunny version of soupy sales, and brandy was an equally unfunny version of j.p. morgan. all that was missing was mean gene the dancing machine, the unknown comic, and, of course, the gong. the gong show was horrendously bad. so was america's got talent. america's got to get a life, eh.

what the hell's going on in ottawa? looks like harper writing cheques left and right buying up killing machines. where's he gettin' all this moolah? hmmm... 5 billion from kelowna 1st nations accord, 10 billion from the ex-universal childcare program, and probably the rest from making absolutely no effort to satisfy the terms of kyoto accord. it all adds up, eh. (the only purchase i've agreed with so far was the order for heavy lift aircraft.)

world cup coverage has been skimpy for the last few days. too many sportsnet games. the best game so far was the elimination game between portugal and the nederlands. fights (ok, pushing matches), chippy play, players gettin' thrown out. i thought it was ice hockey on grass. excellent. worst game was same day coverage of switzerland vs. the ukraine. soooooo boring. i don't think they should let those bastards off the hook by ending the game with penalty shots. they should have kept playing till someone scored.

due to circumstances beyond my control, i have to make revisions to my predictions. for the quarterfinals: argentina, italy, england (i would have picked portugal except for the fact that half the portuguese team got red-carded the last game - but i'll hoping for an upset by portugal), and brazil (unfortunately, france finished second in their pool) will prevail...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

sorry means nothin'...

my great grandpa (l), my grandpa (r)

my great grandpa was born in china in 1868. to seek a better life for himself and his family, he journeyed to canada in 1888. he was smart. he didn't work on the railroad. instead he set up a shack at the side of the railroad and sold cooked oysters to fellow chinese and da man. to maximize profits, he only sold oysters.

he left canada for good in 1930. in between time, he took the slow boat to and fro home in china 3 times. he missed home and was afraid he would forget his roots if he didn't return home.

my mum remembered the forks he brought back from the new world. he taught her the first english she knew. the phrases were: hand towel, the same thing, chicken hen, chicken cock. it was ironic that he didn't learn the word oyster.

by the way, he moved on up from his oyster shack to a real restaurant in kamloops, bc.

he died in 1961.

my grandpa (father's dad), was born in 1906. at age 16, he came to canada to seek a better future for himself. he would run a laundry in golden, bc.

he would make two trips back to the homeland. one of those trips, he married my grandma.

on his last trip, he took back to kaiping, china, the money he made here and started construction of a family tower. he would not see the completion of the tower. in 1949, the communists took over. he fled back to canada.

he would spend the rest of his days in canada. his family would join him. my dad, in circa 1950. my grandma and auntie, in 1952.

my great grandpa and grandpa knew each other over here. it was a small world.

they both had to pay the head tax.

my great grandpa had to sell off parcels of land in china to finance the tax. he never mentioned anything to my mother about the tax.

my grandpa never mentioned anything to me about the tax.

the great stephen harper is suppose to offer an apology tomorrow to all those who were subjected to the tax.

i'm not sure if the apology would mean much to either man if they were alive today.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

super-salmon returns...


i can't remember who won this year's oscar for best motion picture but capote must have been close to the top.

i really liked phil seymour hoffman's portrayal of truman capote.

before watching the film, i didn't know much about the mr. capote. now i know he was kind of creepy. as a writer, capote was a ruthless, lying, manipulative SOB. anything to get the scoop. ethics? schmethics... otherwise, he was a really funny guy. i liked how he got along with harper lee.

this was a very entertaining film.

i thought it was going to be boring...

World Cup 2006 wrap...

england 2 sweden 2? pfft. 38 years of swedish domination? ugh.

what is wrong with france? dismal. bring on the freedom fries.

Monday, June 19, 2006

really big ad...

bigger the better...

i think it's time for a really, really, really bloody big ad... now that world cup 2006 is back on the big tv.

damn TSN. damn Sportsnet. damn the USGA. damn the edmonton oilers while i'm at it...

go togo go!

they're out but it was fun typing that...

the 'hood ain't so bad...

beautiful sunday. so, the bikeclub convened for a massive trip into the 'hoods of east calgary. destination: elliston lake via the slums of forest lawn, marlborough, and radioactive lynnview.

i was a bit nervous about my quick release tires but nothing happened out of the ordinary. in fact the bicycle ride was quite pleasant.

as it turned out elliston storm water pond, i mean lake, was inundated with stormy waters. the path around it was submerged. at least we saw a great blue herron (Ardea herodias). that was exciting.

well, nearly ran out of gas on the way home. pure exhaustion. i stumbled through the front door just in time to watch that knuckle head phil mickelson choke on the 18th hole of the freakin' US open.

i felt much better after attending LB's piano recital in the evening. more on this later.

i'm not sure about this photo...

purdy flower at elliston...

soapydave doin' his best impersonation of barbara eden as the jeannie... or it's exactly 12:26 pm.

then there was light... or cirque de booger de soleil by soapydave...

soapydave and elliston lake.

post-lunch physio or another awkward moment for the rest of bikeclub.

Monday, June 12, 2006

floating chinese delicacies...

some dvd reviews...

aeon flux... charlize really hot. movie not so hot. ok, average movie. a bit of a vancouver feel to the movie. gnome sane?

blues brothers... never thought i ever write this about a movie: too many car chases. not very funny except the part where dan ackroyd ordered toasted white bread in the soul food cafe. the movie felt like a 2 hr. version of SNL. zzzzzzzzzz.

photographic tip of day...

this device may have practical application my photography friends.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

white-tailed jack rabbit (Lepus townsendii) and world cup 2006 update.

bunny in the garden...

bunny in flight...

bunny snacking on dandilions...

world cup 2006 update...

  1. is this the world diving championships or is this the world cup of soccer? oh, brasil hasn't played yet... i've seen a few dives that would challenge for the olympic gold, eh. i would suggest that FIFA implement NHL type manpower shortage-type penalties for divers. that should take care 90 percent of the diving in soccer.
  2. world cup games should not be awarded to upper-tier cable channels.
  3. the american soccer commentators (on ABC) talk way too much.
  4. the sound mix for the TSN's day 1 coverage was terrible. could not hear the commentator over the crowd. maybe that was for the best...
  5. where's the BBC coverage?
  6. i like trinidad and tobago's team. if they can qualify a team why can't we? they're puny in comparison.
  7. it's fun watching countries like portugal play their ex-colonies...
  8. bhutan 1, montserrat nil. bhutanese commentator's line of the game: the ball will reach heaven before it reaches the goal... (source: the passionate eye doc called "the other final")

Thursday, June 08, 2006

the beautiful game...

World Cup of Soccer 2006...

i only pay attention to professional soccer or football once every 4 years. it took me 12 years (3 world cups) to figure out the offside rule.

i love the world cup though.

prognosis #1: brasil vs. france... in the final game.

brasil is obvious. they are the montreal canadiens and new york yankees of football. would i cheer for the present day pele's? yup. at the drop of a hat. i don't care.

france, if i remember from previous world coupes is pretty good. they're pretty tough. i like that henry guy. i like that zidane guy as well. i hope he's still around. they have to finish tops in their group for this prediction to come to fruition, but i see no probs.

if france chokes, i have soft spots for the nederlands (because the most beautiful goal i ever did see was scored by the nederlands and orange is a fun colour), denmark (because of a danish girl i knew once), sweden (because of a swedish girl i knew once), and any african team (because they are the best dressed).

prognosis #2: brasil will be the 2006 world cup champions by 2 over france, with the last goal being a empty net goal.


canada's hockey, i mean soccer, team didn't qualify. so, like every other canadian immigrant (say 95 percent of us) i'll pick the team from the old country.

besides, like i said, brasil's pretty obvious.

supplementary prognosis: the pommes will choke once again... just wanted to get that one in. ha!

here's to lots mo tv watching and soccer hooligans!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

current observations...

looks like we have "homegrown" terrorists in canada.

dang you anne mclellan. why didn't you prepare me psychologically for this!!!???

security consultants/experts are dregs.

the more fear they can drum up, the more business they get.

canadian terrorists, when they're on, are very very busy people.

beheading stephen harper? pfffft... that's so weird.

then taking over the cbc building? why? you have some really bad canadian terrorist shows to put on?

a great muslim friend of mine, i'll call him ahmed, has not experienced any backlash yet, but he's decided to cut back on the lawn fertilizer this summer. ahmed really said that. i'm not kidding.

y'all terrorists just pissed off at the rest of the universe or do you feel a little on edge 'cause you're just a bit hungry? in rolls a stand of snickers bars... if it were only that simple...

the edmonton oiler's biggest problem? not goaltending but a really porous defence.

just realized that the RBC in RBC arena in raleigh, north carolina is THE real RBC. bastards?!?! who put the C in RBC, eh? glad i don't park my money in that bank.

the carolina anthem singer is hot but she can't sing...

saw another over-aged kid stuffed in a BOB (bike) trailer last that was terrifying.

there's ant farm in my keyboard.

Monday, June 05, 2006

the final prediction...

ouch... the edmonton oil will be the 2006 stanley cup champions. it hurt me to say that. i hope your tetanus shot is up to date...

the 2006 stanley freakin' cup finals...

the edmonton oilers vs. the carolina hurricanes...finally.

i've bet against the hurricanes for the past 3 series. i'm going to do it again.


  1. in edmonton, i think 'canes will finally meet a formidable foe. i think they would have been defeated in the semifinals if the sabres didn't have so many injuries.
  2. the speed factor and face-off capabilities of the edmonton's forwards are superior to those of the hurricanes.
  3. the tandem of pronger and smith gives the oilers an edge in defence.
  4. i'd have to give an edge to edmonton in terms of goaltending as well.
my prediction: the oil in 6.

i've come to the conclusion that i can live with respecting the oiler team and still hate the oiler fans.

damn those fans.
damn the north saskatchewan river.
damn the boreal forest.
damn jasper.
damn the edmonton subway.
damn their mall (again).
damn the university of alberta.
damn their traffic circles.
damn calgary trail.
damn their lousy airport.
damn klondike days...
damn ralphie klein...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

go canada!!! (why would you want to blow'd us nice folks up real good?)

i feel alot better now.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

reduce the deuce...

i used to watch the classic stampede wrestling show hosted by the venerable late wailin' ed whelan a.k.a. to younger readers as the late voice of your calgary flames. ed would start out by welcoming his viewers and all the "shut ins". for the longest time i couldn't figure out what a shut in was.

for this posting, i want to welcome all of bikeclub's shut ins. well, there's only one. that'd be dillan. poor guy did a somersault with one half twist over his bike's handle bars last week. damn all motorised vehicles. if he didn't break every bone in his body, sounds better than a sore wrist, i'd say cool man.

he missed bikeclub meeting this weekend due to self applied physiotherapy to his ailing wrist. so, if you have his email address handy drop the guy a note of condolences.

by the way, his fine cannondale's unscathed, thank goodness.

now this weekend's report. damn, the bikeclub trip on saturday was a hoot. what a great time. sorry you couldn't be there dillan. u were missed. next week, my friend.

my advice for all bikers is if the wind is a gale from the west, best keep the route running north and south.

this time we headed north, through confed park, to the eastern flanks of nosehill (along beddington trail), then back to soapydave and gina's via the elbow river trail.

all completed the ride but dave ran outta juice and hit the wall really bad. never seen him so wiped before, eh. but, hey, he still slayed the sandy beach monster hill. that was great.

all of this to get some exercise. it's soapydave's and my goal to crack the deuce (crack the 200 lb barrier) this summer (thus reduce the deuce). we're currently looking for investors to help us print this slogan on bumper stickers.

thanx soapydave and soapygina for dinner. it was really delish.

break #1. lunch and crashing phantom weddings in confed park.

post-lunch calisthenics. it doesn't work if it doesn't hurt, eh.

break #2. can't suffer all the time. i-scream at confetti's on the banks of the mighty nose.