Thursday, January 12, 2006

my arms really hurt...

len, good guess on mystery photo #41. i'll give you this clue...

election report 2006.

more silly media stuff:

the use of the Survivor theme on Calgary's channel 2&7 news, where "normal" people vote party leaders off "the island", is kind of silly. i won't tell you who usually gets voted off.

i guess it's an innovative and fun segment. instead of shamelessly flogging "Survivor" they should of used an Apprentice theme instead where participants fire paul martin while donning really bad hair pieces... oops, did i say paul martin?

the cbc news had another brilliant idea last night. they invited hacks from each of the parties to "produce" a 3 minute "investigative" segment. not surprisingly, i couldn't tell the difference between these clips and the usual cbc election spin coverage.

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Len said...

A citrus juicer, then?