Monday, January 16, 2006

"foreign political saboteur..."

nikon quits film (almost)...

this is old news but nikon, inc. (the brand of photo equipment i use), has announced that it will discontinue the manufacture of all but its high-end professional film-based cameras. instead, it will concentrate its energy on the development of its digital cameras.

i'm not surprised. i'm a little sad. having said that, find myself shooting more and more digital pictures with my nikon D70. digital is an addictive process. "film" is cheap. i love the little screen at the back.

ahhhh, the age old film vs. digital image debate will rage on though. i'm keeping my trusty nikon 801s film camera until it implodes with old age. after that, maybe buy a mechanical camera? that should last me forever...that's if they keep making film.

election report 2006...

this is not a scare tactic!!! but desperate times call for desperate measures.

i never thought this guy's pic would make it onto the bigtubofgoo.

according to rick mercer, stephen harper's minister of state (multiculturalism) will be rob anders (calgary West).

i found mr. anders' biographical blurb on the cbc election 2006 website:

Career background: He spent two months as a professional heckler for a Republican in the 1994 Oklahoma senatorial race and was labelled a "foreign political saboteur" by CNN. From 1995-1996, he was director of Canadians Against Forced Unionism, a project of the National Citizens' Coalition in Calgary, and in 1997 was director of International Commodities Trading, an Alberta-based commodity trading company.

He is spokesperson for the Calgary Chamber of Commerce Speaker's Bureau. He has been supportive of a number of groups, including the Royal Alberta United Services Institute, the Fraser Institute, the Alberta Taxpayers' Association, the Progressive Group for Independent Business, the Canadian Property Rights Research Institute, the National Firearms Association, Responsible Firearms Owners of Alberta, National Right to Work Committee, Focus on the Family and the Canada Family Action Coalition.
i can imagine rob anders, as a youngster, telling his mommy and daddy that he wants to be a professional heckler when he grows up... ha!

as for the rest of the resume, dude, this guy is cuckoo conservative, eh...

i pray for all non-republicans residing in the riding of calgary West.

after thought...

colts vs. steelers

steelers prevail.



Steffie said...

us! me! we are Calgary West and we live under Rob Anders and he makes babies cry!

i'm only slightly hysterical about this.

Dillan said...

People like Rob Anders make me cry too, Steph.

I too am mourning the passing of most of the Nikon film cameras. It's one more nail in film's coffin. I will be very very sad the day when I cannot have my slide film developed in Calgary. Digital is great, but as I've said a million times before: nothing looks better than a slide on a light table.

One day I too will have to jump on the digital band wagon. I think about doing it, but then I remind myself that I've bought a nice film body, 3 good lenses--two of them are superb--and a flash for less than the cost of a Canon 20D. It helps me sleep at night.

soapyDave said...

As in moviemaking, film & video both have their place. Artistically and 'resolutionally' speaking, nothing beats film (compare at 35,000 dpi). However, for the environment's sake - even with the goo in rechargeable batteries - I think digital is necessary. It allows for quick and easy learning, as well as inexpensive mistakes.

Professional Heckling, eh? How about we get some volunteer heckling going on in Rob's Sunday AM haunt?

Dillan said...

I agree with you about the environmental factors, Dave, but a backlit slide is something that can never be replaced with digital. For me, a well exposed slide is 95% of being there again. Print film can die a slow death, but "don't take my Kodachrome away!" (er, even though I shoot Fuji)

I also agree with you when you say that for learning photography, digital completely superior. I'm wasting a lot of film these days, just trying to get the exposure right. That's what photography is like, though. I've read that the average National Geographic photographer shoots 200 rolls of film for a single article. I'm not doing so badly then. I've shot maybe 14 rolls of slide film since I bought my camera. I've been quite careful and frugal. I'm about to change that, since I now have 30+ rolls of Provia 100f in my freezer. I think I've been too frugal with my film. I love photography. It's my artistic outlet. I should shoot and be happy.

Kyle said...

I am keeping a watchful eye over my little one. I must protect him from Rob Ambers and his ilk...

The thing that ticks off me the most about Anders? He doesn't even bother representing us.

His "campaign strategy" during every campaign he's been in is to hide. He never goes to any debates, candidates forums, etc. Nothing. It's embarassing.

And apparently he never responds to his constituents, either, when they try to conact him with any issues.

All I can do is pray for a Cons. minority this time, and hope that in the NEXT election, this riding will wake the hell up.