Wednesday, January 11, 2006

bata bata bata bata...swing baaaattttttttaaaaa

mystery photo #41. good luck.

i was listening to the jim rome show on 960 AM radio this morning. he was talking about the lone 2006 inductee into the baseball hall of fame, bruce sutter.

interestingly, inductees must win 75 percent of the votes cast by the baseball writers of america for that particular year. if you fall short of the 75 percent you go back into the mix and hope for next year.

it took sutter, inventor of the vaunted split-fingered fastball, something like 12 or 13 years to gain entrance to the hall of fame.

i agree with jim rome that this selection process is stupid... if sutter wasn't hall of fame material 13 years ago, what makes him an inductee this year? the guy hasn't pitched in the MLB or invented any crazy pitches since he retired.

did he get voted in because other players in eligibility were a dismal lot in comparison?

i think not... one of my favs, andre dawson, didn't gain baseball immortality this year. what's with that?

don't get me started on the hockey hall of fame, eh.

it's time to hand the selection process over to the fans.

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Len said...

Is it an ashtray?

Kyle said...

You listen to the Jim Rome Show?

I love Romie.

bubba said...

i usually listen to the first 15 or so minutes. he doesn't talk alot about hockey, eh.