Wednesday, November 03, 2004

damn the prediction...

i guess alot can be said about the election last night, the campaign, and the past 4 years, but as the results rolled in, a wave of relief came over me.

relief that:

1) i'm not an american...

2) the longest campaign in the history of the "civilized" world was finally over and i wouldn't have to listen to those idiot politicians for awhile...

am i really surprised by the results? not really.

would it of really made a difference if the results were reversed? no and maybe... no, the war in iraq would rage on regardless. if kerry did have a viable plan to bring peace to iraq (i'm somewhat skeptical), it would of been refreshing.

at least, with dubya winning, we'll be dealing with the devil we know...

sadly, that's absolutely the best spin i can put on the result of last night's election.


i watched at the edge of my seat for most of the night. mostly i watched newsworld's/cbc's uninspired graphics. i generally avoided, except pbs, tuning into the SAA (the Stenographers' Association of America) AKA CBS, NBC, and ABC. oddly enough i found myself at 2 o'clock in the morning watching dan rather and his lackies. dan was still refusing to declare dubya the winner (quite amusing at that hour of the morning). he was persistantly asking his co-anchor analyst ed bradley about various scenarios of how kerry could come from behind in ohio.

ed would analyse the situation in certain counties in ohio and the provisional ballots, an unlikely source of victory, and surmised that it was impossible for kerry to win the state.

i think he repeated it twice, as dan kept coming back with the same question.

each time dan would respond with, "so ed, what are you really saying...".

that drove me crazy. dan, just say what's really on your mind!!!!!!!!

then another 60 minutes panelist, lesley stahl, choking back the tears, piped, "i'm really worried that this uncertainty (in the result), will hurt the country..." really lesley. i didn't know you felt this way.

dan came to the rescue. "as long as i can choke a buzzard on a lonely stretch of dusty country road, don't worry... america is strong. we shall overcome."

dan. some advice: i think it's time for you to follow in the footsteps of your buddy, tom brokaw, and enjoy your last days flyfishing or maybe choking some buzzards in wyoming...

bring on a new generation of stenographers...

(i think i just used the word choke 3 times in this segment, ugh...)

final thought...

i understood that alot of democrats said before the election that they would move to canada if dubya won. you're welcome but i'd rather you stay home and live with the results.

i live in alberta. i've got to live with ralphie everyday... so, i'll understand your circumstance.