Thursday, November 11, 2004

i remember...

i remember:

when i had a better memory.

when doctors still made house calls.


the last time the loonie was worth more than the green back.

the 8 track tape player.

when tv's used tubes.


ed sullivan.

milk delivery.


willie burden.

when dubble bubble gum was a penny a piece.

steve smith scoring "the goal" that ended the "drive for five".

i was eating a bowl of froot loops when the second plane hit the world trade centre.

when tv was still b & w.

i was eating a ham sandwich on curry barracks firing range when wayne gretzky was traded to the LA kings.

being in line waiting to see star trek: the movie at the chinook theatre.

dean martin.

sammy davis, jr.

when bob barker had "black" hair.

a really bad game show called "definition".

wayne & schuster.

howie meeker.

don messer.

when 7-11 actually opened 7-11.

rc cola.




our single floppy drive computer with 64 Kb of RAM.

the commodore 64.

george baines.

mrs. woodwards.


getting sick from eating a hotdog that had been lying for 3 days on our basement floor in grade 9.

my first cash transaction at my dad's store. i was 10 years old. a guy bought a jug of milk with a hundred dollar bill. bastard.

a village of namibians watching me chug down 2 litres of pepsi.

watching the 2002 gold medal hockey game at work. thanks dave hooper.

the indian/chinese/aussie girl i met in nepal.



dean said...

I remember the day Sammy Davis Jr. died, it was May 16th, also the same day Jim Henson died. It also turns out to be my birthday, I was in gr. 5 or 6 when it happened and was being mellow dramatic about it, saying that they died in order for me to live. Bless them.

Len said...

Definition was NOT a bad game show. And it had a cool theme song.

bubba said...

if it wasn't for that song, it'd be nothing... otherwise, the host was irritating and the prizes were really cheap. for those not in the know, it was an early version of wheel of fortune, except you got something like 10 bucks for correct letters.

bubba said...

dean, where the hell have you been! i barely remember you...ha! i just looked it up. yah, it was kind of bizzare they died on the same day. i hope that you lived a full and beautiful life in light of the sacrifices of jim henson and sammy davis, jr. made for you.

Anonymous said...

Tommy “Traveling Man” Hunter

A Pub show by the name of “The Pig and Whistle”

How the Stampeders would lead all game and then either Tom Wilkinson or Ron Lancaster would march down the field in the final drive to win the game.

John F. Kennedy’s funeral

First seeing the “Ali Shuffle”

Watching my first movie in a theater – Jungle Book

Going to Kindergarten for the first time and being scared to death. I didn’t know much English and didn’t understand what was being said around me/to me.

My father had taken me to Heritage Park for the afternoon – just me. The rest of the family was out of town visiting.

Roger Stauback, Ed “Too Tall” Jones, Preston Pearson, Tony Dorset, Drew Pearson, Tom Landry, The “Shot Gun” and the Flex Five

Coming in Third in the 200 Meter Sprint - City Finals in Jr. High. Wasn't allowed to go to the Provincials.

When Radios used tubes

Det. Steve McGarrett

The last show of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

Being evacuated out of the CNN Center, Atlanta, Georgia - September 11, 2001. Then being stranded in the US deep south for another week.

The change of the Canadian Flag

The days that my kids were born.

Len said...

Just as another note on bad game shows. Anyone remember "Chain Reaction"?

bubba said...


can't say i remember "chain rxn". by the way, your lions were pretty lucky today...

bubba said...

hey mr. anon., roger staubach? that's so ol' school, eh?

Anonymous said...

Isn't old school the point of the discussion? Besides, mentioning Roger is better than Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Lynn Swan, etc.