Tuesday, November 16, 2004

son of blah...

more disturbing news:

ralphie klein has promised a ministry of re-structuring. now there's a vision. let's throw a big ol' whoop-dee-doo, eh... another layer of bureaucracy. re-structuring? pfft. that's so 90's.

ralphie goes on to say, "I was going to do it [the re-structuring] before the election, but I decided that perhaps it would be too politically controversial [bubba's note: i can't remember alberta politics close to being this exciting... ooooohhhh, controversy...] , and it's not a good time [bubba's note: can't think of a better time than this...] to shift and move cabinet positions prior to an election, so we'll leave it until after," Klein said. "It may result in nothing at all happening, because I might not be re-elected, who knows. [bubba's note: gee ralphie, the anticipation of your defeat is killin' me. zzzzzzzz...]"

ralphie says he will "ask" albertans what they want in terms of a healthcare plan. that is, after the current election. for starters, how bout letting us elect officials for the various health regions. too bad that idea cuts too close to chain of command that ends with ralphie. too much resistance to the "wishes" of albertans.

ralphie is toying with the idea of holding a referendum on post-election heathcare reforms. why doesn't he just spill his guts about his plans and use them as centrepiece in his platform? treat the election as the ultimate referendum. hey, that's the ticket... save us some money as well.

further on the topic of healthcare privatization, ralphie says his "My main concern is to make sure that people who suffer afflictions get treatment. My primary concern is does Martha and Henry . . . or Mr. and Mrs. Grundy get his or her hip replaced?" in the next breath ralphie extolls the calgary health region for contracting out 500 such surgeries to his crony friends at the privately-owned health resource centre (formerly the holy cross hospital).

each hip operation will cost the authority an extra 10 percent on top of the what it costs normally. according to ralphie this solution may turn out to be cheaper if the cost of building more public hospitals and operating theatres is considered. he should have told us this before he blow'd up the general hospital and sold off the holy cross...

condeleeza rice is to be the next secretary of state. this only confirms my theory that a having a Ph.D. has nothing to do with one's intellectual abilities.

i saw someone putting up their xmas lights last weekend. egads.

saskatchewan kicker paul mccallum missed a critical field goal in last weekend's western conference cfl final. back home in regina, a disgruntled riders fan backed his/her truck onto mccallum's property and dumped a load of assorted manure on the lawn. the regina police cordoned off the area to catch the culprit. an unidentified officer likened the search, for the manics of manure, to shouting the name "tony" in a catholic high school.

enough of blah...

i was riding my bike home from the liberry yesterday. unbeknowst to me, my wallet dropped out of my pocket. 20 minutes after i get home, some guy comes to door with my wallet. apparently, it and the contents were scattered all over the road in front of his house. thanks to him and all decent peoples on earth.


Anonymous said...

Hey Al! It's lovable Autumn here! You're pretty damn funny yourself! Have you checked out the Richard Branson reality show? His stunts are insane! It was a damn shame about the Rider game. I had my flag out on my truck that day. As the saying goes in Saskatchewan, "Maybe next year."

bubba said...

hey everybody, autumn's reading my crap!!!!! autumn's reading my crap!!!!! holy crap!!!!! autumn's reading my crap!!!!

haven't seen the virgin guy's show, yet. dunno when it's on. i heard something about picnicking on top of a hot air balloon.

i was cheering for the riders. really. what's up with regina...?

how's your truck nowadays?