Thursday, September 30, 2004

it's new-KLEE-er, not newk-U-lar, bonehead...

these guys are the best they could come up with?

it was the 1st presidential debate tonight and i was glued to the tv for an hour and a half, hanging onto every word dubya and john kerry had to say (ok, that's overboard). i ought to get a life.

honestly, there were no major gaffs on either side. but i have to give a slight edge to dubya. yes, he's firing on a whole lot less neurons than his opponent but his strategy took advantage of this physiological trait. the strategy was clear: hammer kerry over and over with 1 or 2 ideas, change the subject if the going gets tough, and concentrate on style over substance.


1) hammered kerry with his penchant for flip-flopping, translating this into weak leadership ability and putting "homeland" in harms way. very effective.

2) hammered kerry's declaration that the war in iraq was "the wrong war, at the wrong time", linking this again to weak leadership and giving mixed messages to "the allies" and the troops in iraq. quite effective.

3) justified most of his record by saying "he did what he said he would" and "he took the war to the terrorists for the protection of america". blah blah blah...

i bet the american peeps just lapped that crap right up...

clearly, kerry should have blown dubya away with the "misleading" of america time and time again. he should have argued why an united free world is much stronger than america going it alone. most americans believe otherwise i believe. this is not to say he didn't have any zingers himself.

i'm against bush (i'm kind of wish washy on kerry, ha!). don't get me wrong. i just didn't think kerry articulated his position well enough to change the minds of a lot of "george and martha" americans. my advice for kerry? simplify, simplify, simplify... i forgot. talk slower for the peeps... dubya's got down, eh. it's natural for him. ha!

i borrowed that "george and martha" line from ralphie klein and am ashamed of myself.

god bless america... america is strong...

i gotta go watch survivor.

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Kyle said...

I thought Kerry "won"... but not much. They're both idiots. I think Kerry blundered when he said the US needs to pass a "World Test" before taking military action.

While he's right, that soundbite is far far too easy to turn into "The US must get the approval of the world before defending itself." And Bush jumped all over that one.

Meh. As much as I'd like to think it will make a difference who wins, I sadly don't think it will.