Sunday, September 26, 2004

a blast from the past...

just another lazy sunday. i've been looking through some old photos and came up with some real winners.

photograph 1.

referring to the above photograph: 1) where was this photo taken? (hint: it's a park in calgary circa 1970 something); 2) which mode of transport was it taken on and 3) who's the kid (wearing the straw hat) in the foreground? (hint: this person is closely related to me)

photograph 2.

photograph 2 is really old. what is the object in the lower left hand corner? what is it lacking in terms of controlling this device? and, whose hand/forearm is that in the background? (hint: this person is really really related to me).


Kyle said...

Fish Creek? Or Glenmore resevoir?

That's a TV with no remote control.

I have no answers for anything else.

At all. Related or unrelated to the photos.

bubba said...

kyle, you almost got the location right. photo 1 was taken in bowness park (the body of water is the mighty bow river. it was taken on the lil' choo choo train that goes round and round. that's my sis under the straw hat, i think. it could be my big bro.

in photo 2, that is indeed a remoteless tv. we had to actually get up off the couch to flick channels!!! but then again there were something like 3 channels for the longest time. thank god it was a colour tv, eh. that's my mum's arm in the background.

you should give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

Anonymous said...

i know i'm late but i knew it was bowness and the little train! we rode our bikes past there a few weeks ago and it's still in operation...