Friday, September 03, 2004

cya later ralphie...have another pie on the way out, eh...

ralphie having his pie and eating it too as always.

play this muzak!

only 4 more years! only 4 more years! only 4 more years!...

glory, glory, hallelujah!!!!

a glorious day in history! i never thought it would ever happen in my lifetime. ralphie, have a nice life. by the way, let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. wahoo!!!!!.

oh happy days are here again!!!!

oh ralphie has left the building!!!!

(editor's note: if ralph seems to have screwed up the appearance (i.e. the dancing banana or clock to the left) of this blog, hit the refresh button at the top a couple of times. bubba is feeling the wrath of ralphie already...)


Mike said...

As bad as he may have seemed, I do enjoy being a province that is operating on a surplus. He may slash budgets and raise taxes and drink. But at the same time, he doesn't lie about it. He does it, and it works. It could be worse.

We could have someone like Mike Harris (god forbid).

Anonymous said...

Don't get too cocky there Mr Woo

I'll believe it when I see it


bubba said...

qt, have you known ralphie "tell it like it is" klein to lie to his loyal horde of peeps. never, ever. besides, there's an outside chance of him being booted out of office this fall/winter. really. i'll explain in a later entry. i'm serious...

Kyle said...

Mike's right, he could be worse.

Although he's starting to get a little bit crazy. I guess that's what overwhelming popularity for ten years will do to a guy...

I'm still waiting for my rebate cheque though. I want my share of the six billion dollar surplus or whatever it is.

Gimmegimmegimme. I'm mighty greedy.

bubba said...

talkin about mr. ralphie "smaller government, lower taxes" klein, i too want my fair share. he promised the older peeps that he'd do away with healthcare premiums this october (just in time for ralphies going away party -- how convenient). that's a tax cut my friends. good for the older peeps. but what about the rest of us?!?!?!?!

you can always say he couldn't afford the cut before the debt was done away with. but the debt was done away with quite awhile ago (i.e. the assets blew away the liabilities a long time ago). ralphie's just bribing us with our own money now.

he's tired. i'm tired.

bubba said...

oh yah, i forgot something. i'm getting sick and tired of his antics and verbal diarrhea. for instance, take the upcoming first ministers meeting on healthcare. it's 3 days long. ralphie's only going for the first day. apparently, he has a date at a john deere owners' convention in grande prairie he's got to absolutely keep. puhleeze.

he continues to call the health conference a gong show. yes, it will be telecast. but ralphie, that's your best medium of communication... remember those ol' cfcn days when you swilled the odd brewskie at the st. louise hotel.

get your ass down to the health meeting. if you're not going to work at finding a solution (for the sake of the people who elected you or maybe the thousands who are waiting in line for treatment), at least look like your doing something. you know, that perception thing that most politicians are worried about. there's transparency in the telecasting process. answering questions, and public accountancy is nothing to be scared of.

if it does turn in a gong show, i'll look for ralphie as the "unknown comic".