Friday, September 17, 2004

the artist formerly known as madonna...

blah blah:

  • the key to great cooking is having a great appetite. i would eat bugs or sapporo ichiban if i was hungry enough.

  • the people who made beach volleyball an olympic sport were brilliant.

  • nothing good ever lasts.

  • nothing good ever pays well.

  • let me get this straight. martha stewart wants in the big house, the penitentary, the slammer, etc.? oddly enough, she wants to continue the appeal process on her case. either she doesn't have much confidence in her case or i smell an upcoming bestselling book. rrright... "great parties in the grey bar hotel: the best of martha stewart living". i know what being privileged is now: being able to determine when you want to go to jail. what a control freak.

  • there were fox hunting hooligans rioting in london streets today regarding the passing of a law banning traditional fox hunts. from what i saw on the tv news, these endeavours involve riding around on horseback with a pack of dogs. upon spotting a fox, the dogs chase it down and rip it to smithereens... says a pro-hunt spokesman, "The common misconception is that a ban on foxhunting will benefit the fox, but nothing can be further from the truth."

  • madonna, meet ester. ester, meet madonna. who the hell is ester? well, that's the newly named madonna. i must be totally out of touch but when was she ever jewish? i thought she was still in trouble with the pope. now she's stirring up controversy in israel at a kabbalah conference. man, that girl sure has alot of chutzpah...

  • ok, it's thursday night. the line up is like this: starting at 8 pm it's the two hour finale of canadian idol, then survivor 10, followed by the benefactor, then finally "the donald" finishes it off at midnight. there's more. i've got to tape survivor. hold's 4 hours i can't get back... can you get cataracts by watching too much tv?


qtlibrarian said...

She's been Ester for a while now, jesus Al pick up a Us Weekly once and a while it wouldn't kill you!!!!!

luv qt

Kyle said...

Canadian Idol: Very glad Jacob & Theresa didn't win and have to release that horrible "I'm dreaming" song. Whew. Now we must wait a year for their CD's to come out. Sigh. (Oh well at least you can buy Jacob's band's Demo CD...)

The Benefactor: Wow. Stupidity.

Survivor: Meh. This was the big shocker? They killed a pig with a sledgehammer and the women got mopey because they didn't get to drink disgusting sludge and have their faces smeared with blood. Ah, I love this show but I'm worried about this season...

That is all.

bubba said...

re: US weekly. jeezus h. christ, kelsey. ever since i left "chapters", i haven't had access to that fine publication. otherwise, i'm not wid it. i should make you entertainment columnist at the bigtubofgoo. interested? back to madonna. "ester" is a cute name. it's better than "yehudit".
re: "reality" shows. it turned out that i took a break from reality at 10 pm for a news break. thus missing out on the "benefactor". i returned to reality at 10:30 pm with "the donald" (the subject of an upcoming episode). i still have the survivor on tape. i feel your pain kyle. i getting quite tired of watching clueless contestants. the quality of survivior, or any other reality show, is strictly dependent on the quality of the contestants. yes, eye candy (scantily clad ladies) helps but how much dumbness can we handle. all-stars survivor was supremely dumb. hopefully, the stupidity factor is cyclical. however, i won't be holding my breath.
re: canadian idol. theresa is really cute. i was checking in on the finale last night. i can't stand most of the music except for the gordon lightfoot stuff. not being bias towards an albertan, but i thought that guy deserved it. although, i thought theresa was really cute. best thing to happen is that he'll be able to record some songs better suited for him like that jeezus h. christ stuff (gag). but what are the chances of that once he's in the clutches of evil recording executives? he could end up singing fluffy insidious celine dion crap. by the way, did i mention theresa's really cute? she will have her day in the limelight...