Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Cairo, Egypt - Ground Day for the last time...

Midan Talaat Harb at night...

Back in the Big City. It's so different here compared to Dahab. So different. So vibrant. So many people. Nobody cares who you are.

[Ed. note: in retrospect, Dahab was beautiful spot. Despite me ragging on a the touts, I had to put the whole situation in perspective. They were just doing their jobs annoyingly well. They were just trying to put food on the table, taking care of their families...and being as annoying as possible at the same time.]

It's nice to be here (despite getting a dumpy room at the Dahab Hostel).

The bus ride today was pretty horrific. Did the whole trip from Dahab to Cairo in one shot. Long day was made longer by the driver tinkering with the entertainment system. For the last 3 hours he put over the PA a ranting cleric who preached about everything under the sun. I think I heard random words like internet, virus, and attack.

I'm dead tired. Here's the plan for tomorrow: 1) check the AUC bookstore for titles, 2) hit the internet, 3) go buy some glasses.

PS. Sally and Richard were on the same bus... Mo' stayed in Dahab. What a wasta... He owes me money...

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