Monday, November 28, 2005

"whatcha gonna do with all that junk? all that junk inside your trunk?"

now that was a football game, despite the eskimos winning... it will definitely go down as a grey cup classic. both offences seemed inept at times. i thought esks' quarterback ricky ray was running out of gas in the fourth quarter. me and LB were chanting, "bring in the sub... bring in the sub". but, surprisingly, he sucked it up and actually did something to win the game.

very exciting. occasionally, i'm reminded about the superior nfl. the nfl still has nothing over the cfl in terms of entertainment value. when was the last time the super bowl this exciting?

on the technical side, i watched it in HD format at LB's house. the cbc did a good job despite using cheaper HD equipment. for this game only, they had the wirecam (a camera suspended on a wire stretched from end zone to end zone, right down the centre of the field). i really liked watching the game from that perspective. why can't they put that camera up for all games? man, they're cheap. other good news... the yellow first down line didn't move!!!

i thought the half time show with the black eyed peas were excellent. i like them kids. good news... they performed the "my humps" song. bad news... no costume malfunctions. ha!

other news...

i had another weird dream last nite. i dreamt i had an overdue dvd rental. when i brought it back to the rental place, the guy told me that the overdue fine was $84!!! i told him i could go out and buy 4 copies of the same dvd with the money... seems like alot of my dreams nowadays have do with delay and procrastination.

i was out running this AM. dang, it was cold wind... i was running up to macleod trail and 162nd ave. 3 hot high school girls were waiting to cross when they started motioning towards a bus stopped at the intersection. they started screaming at the bus driver, "will you take us?!". the school was a mere 400 metres east. puhleese... they climbed on and sped right by me. the driver looked at lil' windblown me as if i was chopped liver. dang, it would of been a long long walk to the next bus stop for a guy like me.

the non-confidence vote is today. newsworld has been putting on commercial spots accompanied by ominous organ music and bells tolling. the headline? "shoooooow dooooown in paaaaaaarliiiiiiament....". cue the bells... dang.


dean said...

delay and procrastination eh?

bubba said...

dean, this may sound contradictory, but you got to believe me, i don't make up my dreams, eh... don't you think the running theme is rather weird? do you believe my dreams are tellin' me something...?