Sunday, November 06, 2005

no chancy mr. dancey

mystery machine photo #1.

how about them stamps, eh? i'm thinking of buying a safeway endzone ticket for the semi-final game vs. the eskimos next weekend.

my cfl playoff predictions: in the west, stamps will win next week, drubbing the esks 35-17. they will beat the bc lions the following week by a score of 32-30. in the east, the roughriders will squeak one out in montreal (24-21). they'll then beat the defending champs T.O. 14-7.

my grey cup prediction: stamps 42 roughriders 23.

i'll review my prognostications next week.

there's a 4 way tie for canada's new national animal. a single vote for each of the following: kitten, wolverine, mink and muskrat. i know less than 10 people read this awful blog but can someone break the tie? all of these are excellent choices...


Anonymous said...

Autumn says:
Oh Al. Stamps over Riders?! You cut me deep, Al. You cut me real deep. Just because my team is full of drug addicts, criminals, pimps, and HIV positive playas doesn't mean you should go hating on them! We're going all the way!!!

bubba said...

autumn: not only will we cut you deep. we will crush the riders and all those who live in the "nation"... ok, that was a bit nasty, eh. yah, that's right!!! the stamps will crush the riders...

drug addiction, pimping, spreading the ol' hiv? that's pretty cosmo for lil' regina... i guess it's a step up from dumpin' cow manure on a playa's front lawn. ha!

Anonymous said...

Autumn says:
Well... maybe we'll just have to have a little Grey Cup party... maybe even a little Grey Cup wager and then we'll see who the real champions are. We're due!