Thursday, November 24, 2005

happy thanxgiving...

You Are Mexican Food

Spicy yet dependable.
You pull punches, but people still love you.

while on the subject of food, happy thanxgiving to my american friends!!! i'm not sure if i have any readers in america though... i don't think LS reads this blog...

election's on.

my prognostication (1st ed.) (i bet you were waiting for this...):

current composition of parliament:

liberals: 138
conservatives: 98
bloc heads: 53
ndp: 18
independents: 4
vacant: 2

after the election:

liberals: 130
conservatives: 98
bloc heads: 74
ndp: 9
green: 1
independents: 1

total seats: 313

majority: 157.

there you go... surprise! another minority government. the "science" behind the numbers? none.

i do think the ndp vote will either swing towards the liberals or people will jump on their bandwagon. for now, i'll say they go liberal for the reason the ndp triggered the election.

the conservatives are a curious bunch. they'll run an extremely negative campaign. harper will be in a snit for most of the time. they won't make head way in the maritimes, quebec or ontario (a la ralphie). so, they'll stay the same or gain a couple of seats.

the green party will win a token seat or maybe even 2. in calgary southeast perhaps? no offense to jason kenney...

the token independent will come out of manitoba.

the bloc heads will win all quebec seats except for 1. could that 1 seat belong to martin? most likely.

the liberals... hmmm... they'll get their seats from ontario and the maritimes. that'll be enough to win the most seats. the figure i set is probably inflated, but even so, it will be a minority government again because of the bloc heads.

additional prediction: there will be another election in 2006.

confused? my suggestion: just have a real merry xmas and forget about it...

the hour

had to laugh the other night when i was watching george stromboulopolous. he had, as guest, a leader of a powerful christian evangelical lobby group. the setup: the irs is reviewing the tax exempt status of a catholic church whose leader was questioning the presence of american troops in iraq... the evangelical guy, who is all for killing iraqis, is trying to support his catholic buddy because the government shouldn't be in the business of controlling religious freedom of speech.

ok, that's reasonable, i guess... then he got carried away by saying the government doesn't have the religious expertise to control religious freedom/speech and it ought to stick to things it's good at (dubya, cover your ears) like building roads, purifying water and disaster relief...

that is so hypocritical at so many levels... obviously, this bible thumper's definition of separation of state and church is just a bit selective.


soapyDave said...

I can see it all panning out exactlty as you've described - no real changes.

Anonymous said...

Autumn says:
Ha ha! I'm French food! Apparently people say they understand me more than they really do!

qtlibrarian said...

Who's working at the parks? Do I know them?

bubba said...

kelsey, friend's first initial starts with s. dunno if you'd know 'em. he/she's a biologist.