Wednesday, August 31, 2005


What Famous Leader Are You?
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is stealing a 38 inch plasma tv from walmart or your neighbours house "necessary" looting?

why do people insist on living in florida, louisiana, alabama and mississippi?

who would fire a gun at a chinook helicopter trying to rescue them from a natural disaster?

who would start a gunfight in a makeshift emergency shelter like the new orleans superdome?

is new orleans in iraq?

if gas prices go up because of bad news, do they go down because of good news?

when was the last time you heard good news on the news?

why do iraqi shia muslims insist on celebrating religious holidays in large assemblages?

why do most muslims on pilgrimages die either on bridges or stampedes?

how do i get 2 hours back after viewing "the 40 yr. old virgin"?

do you feel like beethoven or hank williams tonite? (hint: famous tom phillips song)

why do birds suddenly appear...?

definition of separation of church and state: when pat robertson, as a political pundit, says the cia should assassinate the president of venezuela on his "hour of power" christian tv show.


soapyDave said...

I am . . . Bill Clinton! Check it out here

Anonymous said...

Autumn says:
Oh my. I'm a mild mannered assassination victim - Abe Lincoln. That's reassuring. I'm also Schindler's List on the classic movie quiz.

Kyle said...

Apparently, you and me is the same.

Len said...

I'm Lincoln as well. For movies I'm Apocalypse Now. Is this worrisome to anyone else?

dean said...

What an honor... I'm Mahatma Gandhi! I don't think I'd ever starve myself to gain liberation, I do however where a longhi (cloth) from time to time.

soapyDave said...

gina is also einstein, and her classic movie is apocalypse now - like len!

bubba said...

apparently i giveth with one hand and taketh with another...