Tuesday, August 16, 2005

fun on the strip, part one...

it's incredible how dumb i am sometimes.

in a quest to find the cheesy-est of the cheese on the strip i came across a sign overlooking a large pool of water (with a pirate ship at the opposite side). it marked the home of the "sirens of TI" show (one of a few freebie "shows" on the strip").

"what was TI", i thought...? was it an obscure greek letter? or, maybe TI stood for texas instruments? yah, that's right. when the sirens call, i'll feel like calculating the square root of 32...

doh... TI stands for treasure island, one of the huge resort-type hotels trying to out do its competition in over-the-top outrageousness.

fellow tourists sure liked packing it in for the show. i guess i'm not the only one who liked free things.

ultimately, you get what you pay for... suffice to say, i didn't pay much to attention to the plot of the sirens' story. something about a ship full of hot, scantily-clad girls being taken over by a ship full of bad boys. at no time did i hear a siren call. so much for bringing a calculator.

i liked the 'splosions...

to see the show, we had to arrive a half hour before to reserve spots. otherwise, we'd find ourselves watching from halfway across las vegas blvd. not a pleasant thought considering the idiot taxi drivers in this town. ok, i'm rambling... moments before the performance started these two girls in front of us were artifically elevated. not only were the sight lines blocked, i was forced to observe one of their butt cracks (girl to the right) for the duration of the ten minute show. normally i won't object, but for the love of god i traveled 2000 km and lined up early as well to see the sirens... damn.


soapyDave said...

no thong? judging by the pants she must be commando

did you do the Star Trek show where you pay to be in scene, part virtual and part physical?

bubba said...


looks like commando. annoying nonetheless.

yah, i did the star trek "experience" at the LV hilton (too bad i didn't see paris, eh). it's like a museum of star trek stuff. it's got 2 "rides". a klingon/shuttle simulation where we got to stand in the bridge while people in character were running around us. the other ride was a 4D borg experience. the 3D FX were excellent. the 4th dimension was hilarious. if your interested i'll tell all, but i don't want to spoil it for you.

bubba said...


i forgot to mention that there was a trekkie convention at the hilton as well.