Monday, August 01, 2005


(l to r) gina, dave. reaching the far north along the nose creek pathway, we apparently took the wrong turn. no biggie, eh... slight detour through a trailer park and we were on our way. note the deerfoot trail and beddington blvd in the background. mo pix here.

damn it was hot yesterday. 31 C. well, at least hot for calgary anyway...

the heat didn't deter the latest meeting of bikeclub though.

it was a really fun route (est. 69 km) despite the roasting. starting at dave and gina's we made our way north through the usual paths, linking up with the nose creek pathway to beddington blvd, then climbed steadily to the foot of nose hill where we turned south. via confederation park, we would make for home.

damn it was hot. the positive aspect of biking is the self-induced breeze. it keeps it somewhat cool. however, i think it's a deceptive cooling. the heat took it's toll. i chugged at least 4 litres of water and other fluids along the way (maybe that and more after the ride).

we stopped at a safeway along the way for drinks. best part was sticking my ass in the stand up freezers (don't worry, i didn't touch anything).

well, on the way home, i powered down while gliding through confed. park. we took a break. i collapsed on the ground, bugs crawling all over me. that was a good break...

i didn't feel so swell from there on. the heat made me feel like hurling.

weird. i kept on pedaling. i kept on drinking, eh. it's amazing how much i can drink without exploding. ok, i went to the washroom at the marda loop mac's. it's always good to drink enough to pee.

got to dave and gina's. i collapsed on their couch. mmm...ceiling fan... i knocked back a couple of cokes and more water. they cooked home made pizza. delish. we watched the amazing race 2 on the game show network.

thanx gina. thanx dave.


soapyDave said...

i did really like the route - we'll have to try it again on a day when it's not so hot. maybe in the fall when the colours are out.

i esp. li(c)ked the ice cream cones

bubba said...

i think the heat would have been less of a factor if it weren't for the remnants of the cold i had from a week and a half ago. but i agree it was a good course. good variety of terrain.

next time i'll have 2 cones, eh... one at the safeway and one at my fav's...

Mike said...

31C. I would kill for 31C. I would also be happy if the typhoon outside my window weren't here. See you in a few weeks Al.