Monday, August 15, 2005

do not try this at home...

GPS data (las vegas to calgary by car) - august 11/12, 2005

2077 km

average speed
111.8 km/h

overall average speed with stops
83.7 km/h

max. speed
135 km/h

stopped time
06 hrs. 13 mins. 08 seconds.

moving time
18 hrs. 35 mins. 01 seconds.

total time on the road
24 hrs. 48 mins. 09 seconds.

max altitude
2109 m/6920 ft. (N44 33.351 W112 18.617 - Interstate 15 Montana/Idaho boundary)

lowest altitude
492 m/1516 ft. (N36 39.872 W114 33.995 - I15 at Glendale, Nevada)

max in-car temp.
43 C


Kyle said...

43c? Yech.

Great pic though. I've stood on that very overpass.

I love Vegas.

bubba said...

thanx kyle. it's kinda funny how they don't let you cross the street here. at least there are escalators, eh.

43 C! yep. we bad. i counted only one other vehicle with the windows rolled down. air conditioning sucks.

soapyDave said...

i was in vegas only once for a stopover to LA. that's plenty. beautiful pic!

bubba said...


just pressed the camera up against the glass and hoped for the best. fancy streaks mean the people on the sidewalks disappear.

i should really use a tripod. it's just awkward because of the huge crowds on the strip.