Saturday, September 08, 2007


"edmonton" anyone?

i like playing badminton. not sure if it's an asian thang. i was playing the thailanders back in the day. damn they're good. i loved playin' with LG and LB the other day. it's a good way to bond with the young people. sisters!!

nike+ipod running update...

i reached another milestone. according to lance armstrong it's was my best performance yet. coming from lance, it means alot to me.

8 sep 2007, 11:28 AM

Distance: 9.85 km
Time: 52:38
Pace: 5:20 min/km
Calories: 460

i usually stop by the liberry along the way to pick up holds and gross the clientele out with my sweat drenched running ensemble. what the hell? it's only sweat. salty gatorade, eh...

after signing out the johnny cash at folsom prison CD i had on hold, i ran home.

8 sep 2007, 1:03 PM

Distance: 1.83 km
Time: 9:45 min
Pace: 5:19 min/km
Calories: 85

not a bad run. most impressive was the 545 calories burnt! hell, that's 8.38 christie's pirate peanut butter cookies or almost 2 (1.94) servings of cheezies (100g). or even better, that's an infinite volume of diet coke.!! wahoooo!!

further observations:

i know the exact route for the full and half marathons through my neighbourhood now.
i know that i'm weeks or months are away from either marathon.
i know the effort that it's going to take.
i know that you've got to include a couple of slow songs in the ipod mix.
i know that eminmem will kill you if he's the last song.


qtlibrarian said...

Are you doing a marathon? Which one? In November I'll start training for Vancouver

qtlibrarian said...

Oh yeah, and once lance called my cellphone and left a message! True Story

Anonymous said...

Hey allen, its jason(egypt)

just passin thruw, looks like you turned in2 a fitness freak, lol, im gona start joggin regularly aswell, i think... as soon as i can fit it in2 my not at all bu sy routine, u doin a marathon then, how long you got to train for it?

anyway, hows it hangin?
rite about now im lookin for work, dreamin of far away lands, trying not to break my neck practising really bad backflips, know any good spotters? and learning portuguese with the rosetta stone language programme, free download of course, sweet

suprised you aint got more of your pics up....

lata bro