Saturday, December 16, 2006

buy bubba a beer fund.

it's tough out here for a traveler.

the world price for pizza and beer (and cost of internet time) is extremely volatile.

besides, there are many of you out there wondering how to buy this wretched blogger a beer after a bloody bad bus ride.

well here's your chance, i've added a "donate" button to the sidebar (way at the bottom). contribute to the "buy bubba a beer" fund and you too can be a friend of bubba... (for those worried about internet security i'll send you my snail mail address.)

leave your particulars and you'll even get a postcard (if available) from bubba. wouldn't that be swell?

thanx to all the friends of bubba.


Steve H. said...

Nice to see you admit Steve H. is a friend of Bubba. I'll let Jason K. know there's hope for him too.

Not sure I want to contribute to a Bubba beer fund. Don't think Bubba and beer mix well. DC fund?

What was so bad about the bus ride?

soapyDave said...

you'll never guess who opened up the receiving door at MacTrail when I went to drop off transfers on Friday - so I'll tell you - it was Dawg! He said making the big bucks in construction got old. go figure! I think he's just there for xmas.

D&G eagerly awaiting postcard

dean said...

Who's Dawg??

Do I get a postcard?
Just in case...

#805, 909-7th Ave SW
Calgary, AB
T2P 1A6

Gawg said...

Ummmm. I think its supposed to be Gawg, not Dawg

qtlibrarian said...

308 1235 13 Ave SW
Calgary, AB
T3C 0T2

How's the floaty pen search going?

I promise to contribute to 'the fund' after my christmas bill get paid off! But I'll request a pic of you drinking it as proof!

soapyDave said...

no, i'm sure you used to call him Dawg. You know, his ma works in Kids?