Thursday, March 30, 2006

hodge podge...

total eclipse of the sun.

so, did y'all catch the eclipse yesterday? don't worry, it may as well have been a million miles away unless you were in the saharan desert.

i'd like to see an eclipse before i croak. so, i did a bit of research. if i were to do it on the cheap, i'd have wait till 2017, according to the above map. it's suppose to soar right over my sister's house in portland.

i feel a road trip comin' on my friends, if i'm still alive in 2017.

either that or we'll all observe it over calgary in 2044 while gathered around my death bed.

earth day quiz

hmmm...time for another internet quiz. according to the folks at Earth Day headquarters, if everyone on the planet lived like little ol' me, it would take 4.2 earths to support our lifestyles.

click here for your own eco-foot print.


life for palestinians ain't gonna get any better under the new israeli regime. i thought they were going to set the permanent israeli borders after talking with their partners in peace. man, was i dumb.

based on darryl sutter's theory of dividing the last 28 games of the regular NHL season into 4 series of 7 games thus simulating the number of series required to win the stanley cup...i predict the calgary flames will bow out of the 2006 NHL playoffs in the second round.

hotel rwanda.

mega depressing yet powerful movie. genocide is pretty nasty. rwandan massacre hits a little close to home. i was in tanzania when it happened. what the hell was i doing? i knew about it before i left canada. i was probably doing something stupid like being on safari or something.

i'd like to visit rwanda someday. i've read travellers' accounts. the border guards are supposed to be really cranky. no one talks about 1994. who can blame them?

anyway, excellent film. i was blubbering pretty good at the end of it.

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