Monday, February 06, 2006

conservatives = liberals =...

i couldn't work up the nerve to watch the swearing in of harper's government this AM.

but, i did notice some interesting appointments or rejects though.

clearly, the most surprising posting was the new minister of international trade and minister for the pacific gateway and the vancouver-whistler olympics, david emerson. first, that's a helluva job title. second, but not least, this guy just ran and won as a liberal in the election!! deja vu, my friends... if i was a constituent in his vancouver riding who voted for him, i'd be mad as hell. why didn't he run as a conservative in the first place?

what's the difference between this case and belinda stronach's defection? let me guess, belinda was a woman with huge political ambitions (not like this emerson guy).

moreover, isn't offering a cabinet post or any other incentive to prospective turncoats illegal?

well, if you thought that there's a fiscal imbalance in the country, there's a democratic deficit as well. to get "representation" in the greater montreal region, the pm appointed non-elected michael fortier as minister of public works (of all portfolios). holy crap, he made him a senator as well. what happened to the EEE senate? thank god harper qualified his pick by saying fortier'll run in the NEXT election.

probably the most disappointing snubs were calgary mp's jason kenney, rob anders, and diane ablonczy for cabinet posts. kenney and anders would have of sunk the ship but, man, the parliamentary session would have been way more fun. as for ablonczy, i'm going to miss her whining and shrieking as she fades into the backbenches or at least that's what i hope.

the greatest lesson today? the more things change in the political life of this country the more they stay the same.

by the way, when are we going to see the 6 percent gst...?

i love complaining. that's why i casted my vote...

superbowl XL slumberfest...

i got to see the 40th superbowl on HDTV (thanx gawgy). man, that aaron neville guy has a tattoo right on his face.

my other observations:

aaron neville? what the hell happened to the national anthem? worst rendition of a national since the singing of o canada at the 88 winter olympics.

ice cold first half. someone should of checked ben roethlisberger for a pulse.

bad reffing.

those rolling stone guys are gettin' really old. they were the best part of the show. that shows how bad the super bowl was.

trick plays were kind of fun but the rest of the play fizzled.

favourite commercial: leonard nimoy flogging arthritis ectopic cream at a trekkies' convention...

i really like canadian football.

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Kyle said...

I think it's great that the Conservatives are being shown for the hypocrites that they are...

And yuck, what an awful game that was. Bleh.