Tuesday, February 28, 2006

AR 9

well, the ninth incarnation of the amazing race started tonight on CBS. i don't think i'm giving away much my sayin' the first leg took our wild and wacky american teams overseas to brazil. i guess they surmised that there was nothing really "amazing" about driving around america in an SUV like in the last race.

as per usual here's my lowdown (or as much i could tell) on the teams involved:

BJ & Tyler (the hippies or dead ringers for the beegees): dude, i liked them. they're funny. they's gonna be around for a while. top 4 maybe if they can keep up the intensity.

Ray & Yolanda (token black couple): bendin' over in tight pants ain't so swell for american women in brazil, eh. i don't see an imminent exit for this couple, yet.

Danielle & Dani (team HOT or pink): if i was on this race, i would be so distracted by these chicks. eye contact would be difficult, if you know what i mean... i hope they stick around till the end. did i mention, they like boys...

Wanda & Desiree (team hot tamale): Desiree is one hot tamale (her words. and, i tend to agree with her). her mum is kind of annoying. interesting to see them operate in a non-latin american country. otherwise, very smart team. top 4.

Lake & Michelle: token type A dentist type and his southern belle wife. might go far if his head doesn't explode. hope there isn't any spousal abuse...

Eric & Jeremy (the frat boys): the alpha male team. only potential weakness is team HOT. if they think with the right head, they could be top 4. by the way, they really like girls ...

Fran & Barry (the token sr. citizen couple): i wanna say hopeless but they showed some competiveness (i.e. didn't quit). self proclaimed strength of superior intellect was absent for 99 percent of the leg.

Dave & Lori (team geek/nerd): i can identify with these folks. i liked them. Top 4.

John & Scott (team gay): hopeless. one guy cares. the other could careless.

Lisa & Joni (the Amazon sisters): hopeless. the endless shrieking... the horror... "shock and awe"? not.

Joseph & Monica (team Ken & Barbie): the beautiful people. the type of people i usually hang around with... well, i was so enamoured with their beauty i forgot to judge their competence. how bout mid range finishers?

prediction: the frat boys, team hot tamale, the beegees, the nerds/geeks... not necessarily in that order.

note: when the hell are they going to have a token american-asian team on the show, eh? there's always this option for the bruthas and sistas.


Kyle said...

I like your predictions.

My two favourites were the Hippies and the Geeks. Both are very fun to watch.

I'm quite glad that they returned to the proper format for the race. The family edition was terrible.

soapyDave said...

we're kind of missing it, now that it's back to the original format. we got the po'mans channels hooked up for the olympics but still try to avoid tv in general. i'd sneak a peek next week but i'll once again be seeing Bill Clinton, maybe epidsode 3?