Wednesday, February 22, 2006


plain and simple. this men's olympic hockey team has been a total unmitigated disaster.

complete utter system failure.

bottomline: you cannot win hockey games if you cannot score goals.

there were a handful players who deserved to put on the maple leaf (i don't mean toronto) jersey: martin brodeur, joe sakic, vincent lecavalier, martin st. louis, and shane doan. that's all... the rest were just along for the ride.

they just couldn't adapt. there was no sustained fire. there was no sustained passion. no sense of urgency.

we'll be back in 2010.

i'll be very depressed and bitter till then...

chandra crawford...

with all this negative talk, i don't want to take anything away from chandra crawford's gold in the x-country ski sprints this morning. i was just watching the replay tonite. her victory wasn't a fluke. she dominated and just blew away a pretty formidable field.

this has got to be THE sweetest moment for canada at these games so far.

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