Tuesday, October 25, 2005

tres amigos at the bull and finch...

(l to r) mike from amsterdam, dean the non-teacher...

had a couple of pops with da boys last night.

here's the skinny...

telus sux. shaw sux but not as bad.

the teaching profession has lost a bright prospect to social work. what's with that?

there's still a chance for a english speaking brother to teach in taiwan.

dean's taking 6 courses and still workin' part-time. he's super dude, eh...

people love close up pix. you cannot go wrong with close up pix.

mike is back working at chapters 772... what's with that?

what's wrong with taking advantage of a loophole? nothin'.

bookselling is still rocket science or brain surgery?

there is no such thing as cheap thai food in cowtown.

i must of had the most boring massage while in thailand...

being forthright is very refreshing.

LRT pole huggers are so not cool...

taking pictures of kids you don't know at a playground is probably a bad idea.

the year 2007 is far far far away...

the canon d5 slr camera is to die for.

nursing is a very honourable profession.

where's cheap thai food around here?

yes, i like blurry pictures.

yellow sugar is sweeter than white... just more flava.

free re-fills!!!

where was everyone else!!!???


Steffie said...

9:30 is waaaaay too late for old marrieds like kyle and i.

qtlibrarian said...

Dude I was there at 9 like the original e-mail said. I sat there all by myself for almost a half hour and gave up.

Also it was freakin' late for a Monday night.

dean said...

Sorry Kelsey, I got there like at 9:20. I was trying to be fashionably late. Hehe. If it makes you feel better I sat by myself for a short while and drank beer by myself.

Mike said...

OKOKOK, I've heard the voice. Let's make it 8 on Wednesday Nov 2. although I do think that one late night in one week isn't going to kill people no matter how old or married they are.

Who's in?

Al, I know I was there for the conversation, but your summary still made me laugh.

I hope next time I don't fudge the time.

Mike said...

I gotta reneg on that invite actually. My friend is back in from Taiwan and it's his first Wing night so I gotta go to that. Maybe next week?