Wednesday, October 19, 2005

omar shamsoon...

to connoisseurs of day-old regurgitated news:

who the hell is omar shamsoon? well, the fox network is reaching beyond the neocons of america and exporting it's best show, the simpsons, to the middle east.

america's favourite family, speaking in a peculiar egyptian dialect of arabic, will be transformed into the "shamsoon's". homer becomes omar. bart becomes badr. d'oh becomes inshallah.

all references to bacon have been removed. homer's favourite beverage, beer, has been replaced with "pop". donut's, mmm...donuts, is replaced by that venerable arabic cookie snack, the kakh... mmm... kakh. that's going to work...

an early review of the dubbed series by an arab-based blogger who calls himself "the angry arab" said, "I watched a promo segment and it was just painful...They were so unfunny and so annoying, those Arab actors ... the guy who played Homer was one of the most unfunny people I ever watched."

methinks these dubbed episodes will end up in al-qaeda recruitment offices worldwide.

inshallah. and, by the way, death to america...

the daily show.

i stayed up late last night to watch the daily show. special guest was bill o'reilly. bill called jon stewart a pinhead. ha! by the way, bill is still very bitter about the French. get over it and the "freedom" fries, eh.

jon stewart informed us that donald rumsfeld is again dropping a bit of shock and awe in asia. he was in china criticizing the communist regime about hidden and overwhelming spending on it's military. this was quoted from rumfeld's speech:

"i think it's interesting that other countries wonder why they would be increasing their defense effort at the pace they are and yet not acknowledging it. that is as interesting as the fact that it's increasing at the pace it is."

donald, dude... we have problems understanding you. just think how confused the commies are...

the calgary rag herald...

front page story on monday's rag: "will klein be cast as villain?"

according to a "renowned" u. of t. poli sci prof, the federal Liberals will cast as the villain to woo eastern voters in the next election. prof nelson wiseman said, "they will pick on ralph klein again and say they are against private healthcare..."

surprise, surprise...

look, einstein, no that's dr. wiseman, dude, that train left the station a long time ago. water under the bridge, my friend... political vilification works both ways in this country. the feds bash ralphie but don't think ralphie hasn't torn a strip off the feds when drumming up support in the homelands.

it's not herald.


Kyle said...

WHAT? The Libs will use Klein to shore up support out East?


Or not.

Oh and you should come to the Halloween Poker Tournament. It shall be great fun. On the 29th. At Dave & Gina's.

bubba said...


poker sounds like fun but i'm too dumb to play. but if there was food, like a bowl of cheezies... mmmm....cheezies.

Steffie said...

here to also apply pressure to you to come play poker with us.

i can bring a Costco sized bag of cheezies, just for you.

Kyle said...

I will also bring a carton of cheezies for you.

You must join us! Come, join us at the tournament and then become a Poker Club regular.

Then you would be a member of TWO elite clubs.

Mmm. Elite. And cheezy.

Mike said...

Hey Al, I'm an absolute tool when it comes to poker. Come and we can lose fast and watch bad TV together. (didn't mean for that to sound so affectionate)

But I guarantee with me there you'll have a chance of lasting.