Thursday, October 06, 2005

better late than never...

so, i was late for my linguistics class. funny. i never thought i'd ever enroll in linguistics. it just seemed too esoteric, frivolous a subject. i must have needed it for an option course.

it was unwise to be late. i opened the heavy steel doors to the lecture hall only to discover the place was packed with warm bodies. damn these first year courses. the hall had theatre seating and the only open seats were at the bottom. it seemed to take forever to get down. reaching the floor, i squeaked along the 1960 era cheap tile floor to find an empty seat between 2 really fat guys.

i briefly looked up at the blackboard to see the word "diphthongs" written in solid pink chalk. in my haste, i remember hearing the muffled sound of the instructor repetitiously uttering incomprehensible noises. i drew attention as i fumbled with my briefcase, trying to find my notepad.

"mr. woo, you son-of-a-bitch, are you with us?" said the instructor in a stern but lispy voice.

the instructor had stopped the lecture. i closed my eyes in deep embarassment. i lifted my head up and swiveled it towards the lecturn. there, sitting with his feet propped up on a table and the remote control for the digital projector was stephen. stephen whiteside! what the hell? last i saw him he was magazine boy at chapters...

"well?", said my new linguistics prof.

"yes, dr. whiteside...", i sheepishly replied.

in a hissy fit, he changed to the next slide and resumed his repetitions...

"oi...oi...oi..." followed by an example, "boil...boil...boil..."

each slide was followed by a three dimensional representation of the diphthong.


that was the dream i had last night.


dean said...

Hahaha! That's a funny dream Al. I was just thinking about Stephen last night, I swear!

I'm taking a Linguistics class right now, its interesting, a nice break from all my other classes cause its systematic, as opposed to dealing with theories and concepts.

bubba said...

dean, i think it was such a strange dream. i usually don't remember many of my dreams but i made a point of it this time around. the funniest part was the 3d pictures of the diphthongs. strange shapes like 3d animations without skins just the framework.

anyway, i think about stephen once in awhile, as well. i hope chapters is treating him well.

he's a lifer (as long as he wants to work there).

how's school?

Kyle said...

Nope, no Bonds homers, actually, no Bonds at all. He didn't play since the Giants were eliminated from playoff chances and his knee is bad.

Was still fun though (Giants lost, unfortunately)