Tuesday, October 19, 2004

go "pave" go

well, that was a pathetic little election... for those not in the know, i'm talking about the calgary municipal elections that "happened" last night.

only 20 percent of 602,000 eligible voters bothered to show up at the polls. that was a horrendous turnout.

westerner canadians, particularly calgarians, pride themselves in the fight for more democracy in federal political institutions. you know, to have their voices heard. well that's crap, considering the poor turnout tonite. they can't even keep their own house in order. calgarians talk the talk but they've shown that they couldn't give a rats ass about the democratic process.

now to something positive. i didn't want dave "pave" bronconnier back as mayor. he said, a couple of years ago, that calgary wasn't suffering from urban sprawl. i found that statement disconcerting to say the least. he sounded like a real estate developer. or, maybe like the developers financing his re-election.

the whole "pave" demeanor was disconcerting. if you listened to him closely in most occurrences, he didn't really say anything. spin city, my friends. he was a master at it...

there was something about "pave" though, he paved more in 3 years (for better or worse) than al "do not" duerr did in 10 years. for that, in a car crazy city, he will be re-elected.

well, "pave" wacked his opponents tonite, winning 79 percent of the vote. i voted for harinder "harry" dhillon. he accrued only 2 percent of the vote. here's the kicker, i didn't even know who the hell he was until i stepped into the booth. i liked the fact that his name "harry" was in parentheses. "harinder" was just as flattering a name.


Kyle said...

I, too, do not like Bronco.

I personally liked the candidate who's platform consisted of the following ideas:

1. The road construction workers are a "conspiracy", and must be stopped. No explanation of what the conspiracy's goals were, but, it is a conspiracy nonetheless.

2. The city will build a hydrogen-fueled jet engine which will be used to power the city.

3. No traffic!!! Not "reduce traffic" or "find alternative transportation methods to reduce gridlock", no, just "NO TRAFFIC".

Would have been fun if he'd been the winner, that's for sure.

Kyle said...

Oh, yeah. I'm back. Haven't updated the old blog as I've been busy.

BUT. Here's the music:

Ceremony -
"Wonderwall" performed by Ryan Adams
"Awake Soon" performed by Sarah Slean
"Elevator Beat" performed by Nancy Wilson

Recessional -
"Day One" performed by Sarah Slean

First Dance -
"I Will Love You" performed by Fisher

if you can't find these songs I can find a way to get them to you...

Kyle said...

Oh, and the 2nd dance song was "It had to be you" by Harry Connick Jr.