Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Olympic Champion and the Big Tub of Goo!

Congrats on the gold medal, Kaillie!!

I had a photography gig at a Subway business conference the other day and guess who I bumped into?

My good friend, Kaillie Humphries, 2010 Winter Olympic Gold Medal Champion in the Women's 2 Man Bobsleigh!!

Ok, I wish she was my friend.

She was the guest speaker at the conference.

I was charged with taking pix of her with conference attendees.

It was a lot of fun.

In the end, I worked up enough guts to ask for a photo myself.

She was a really nice person.


sally said...

wow, what happened to the skinny allen we met in eygpt!!??
i don't know who that lady is, but it is very impressive she won a gold medal, and you have a photo with her. now, if you'd got a picture with australia's only winter olympics gold medalist, i would be impressed.........

LJ said...

Where did your left arm go to?

bubba said...

sally, the "allen" u met in in egypt was a mere shadow of himself. eight months in africa will do that to a man... this is my usual chubby self.

bubba said...

LJ, lady who took the pic chopped it off.

LJ said...

I'm sure many people would give an arm and a leg....

The allen who was in Nepal was skinny too, especially after a month of trekking and eating a small plate of potatoes a tiny packet of glucose biscuits a day!