Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2010 NHL Crazy Eights Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions...AND a BONUS mystery photo!

Here at BTOG we are a full service blog. For those who could care less about the hockey playoffs (and some who do), I've dug out this photo from the vast BTOG archives as the first mystery photo in ages. What are those curious, squiggly streaks of light? Clue? The photo was taken in Etosha National Park, Nambia at night. Ok, I may have given it away. Good luck!!

The Long Awaited Prognostications.

Is it just me or was the opening round of the 2010 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs kind of boring?

With the exception of a handful of games (the final 3 games of the Habs/Washington series and one Avs/Sharks game come to mind), there hasn't been much to write home about.

The second round of the playoffs seems, on paper, to have more potential in terms of entertainment. Perhaps not...

Just for notation sake: The BTOG series prediction record is 6-2! Not bad for a hack such as I. Those lousy NJ Devils and Buffalo Sabres choked and let me down.

Let's do it...

San Jose Sharks vs. Detroit Red Wings.

The Sharks' party is over (again). Turn off the lights... It's going to be a tight series though. I was slightly surprised that Phoenix pushed the Wings to a seventh game in the opening round. But, if their performance in that seventh game is any indication of their prowess then they should take the Sharks to the cleaners.

Wings take the series on the road in 7 (Usual Sharks disclaimer: much less than 7 if the Sharks fold like a giant house of cards).

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Vancouver Canucks.

I'll be sucking it up and cheering for the 'nucks. However, I have a bad feeling that they may experience a deja vu (re: 2009 playoffs) moment at the conclusion of this series. The "young" Hawks have one more year of experience and that will most likely be the key factor. But then who knows? If Goalie Luongo and the Twins stand on their heads...they might pull a stunner out of the hat... But for now,

Hawks take the Canucks in a homer series in 7 thrilling games.

Boston Bruins vs. Philadelphia Flyers
Noooooooooo!!! Marc Savard, please don't come back for the Bruins. For the love of god, your brain has bounced around enough. I'm kind of scared for the guy. That's all I have to say.

Flyers in 6? They're like a wounded animal backed into a corner looking for a fight. I'll go with that...

Montreal Canadians vs. Pittsburgh Penguins.


Okay, now that I got that off my chest, the Habs are in deep doo doo. You thought the Washington Capitals had an invincible multi-pronged attack. The defending champion Penguins have a similar attack force, but they up the ante by throwing into the mix, the world's best hockey player, Sydney Crosby.

If the Habs can semi-shut down Crosby and totally shut down Malkin and Staal and their goalie implodes (I can see that happening) and Hab's goalie Halak is god-like again, they may engineer another glorious miracle on ice.

I'll go against conventional wisdom and rational thought and predict:

Habs in 7.

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