Thursday, April 09, 2009

Yogi the Bear, Boo Boo, Picnic Baskets and Chinese Tourists.

Be careful! The first step's a doozy! Nice to see so many Chinese ladies traipsing around Africa these days.

Hey, Would You Please Stop Shaking the Cabin!!! I'm Trying to Sleep in Here!!!

When I was a university student back in the day, I worked for a summer as a research assistant in Glacier National Park. It was such a beautiful park. It was our task to construct what is called a stand origin map. Basically it was a map of forest according to the age of the stands of trees of the forest that blanketed the park.

Suffice to say, during the 4 months in Glacier I hiked every trail in the Park. It was hard work but what an office!

One of the great joys was living in some of the back country warden cabins.

They were so nice and rustic.

So peaceful, except for the occasional mice crawling inside the walls of the log cabin during the night.

One night, the rodent scurrying was replace by a more sinister sounding noise. From the corner of the cabin came heaving, scraping/scratching noises. It woke me up several times over the night. Kind of scary.

Next morning, while brushing my teeth outside, I checked out that corner of the cabin. Stuck in the splinters of the cabin logs making were long tuffs of coarse, wiry, brownish hair. Interesting... what could have happened out here?

So, when I came upon today's video of the day, it reminded me of the swell times in Glacier National Park.

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