Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shadows, curves, and sunsets... in the Namib.

if you love negative space (big shadows), especially in your photographs, the Namib is paradise.

high contrast in certain landscape images is the cat's ass. if you add the curvaceous sand dunes of the Namib, you're looking at some real stunning photographs.

the photo above was taken as we were retreating from an attempted late day assault on sossusvlei.

it's nearly impossible to get "magic hour" pix of this area because it's too far away from sesriem (about 60 km). the park gate closes at 6 PM, and you have to be back at the campsite or something nasty will happen to you. ok, i just made that last part up.

travel tip of the day: bring plenty of water if you're going to traipse around the desert. being really really parched (because of poor planning), like i was on this little expedition, is not a good feeling.


Mr Spanky said...

Gorgeous shot!

bubba said...

thanx mr. spanky!!!