Friday, August 24, 2007

look!!! there's a spider in my grapes...

ok, if you didn't like the last video clip, you'll love this one.

to understand this clip to its fullest you have to be a really old person. young people will find the crack spidah most humourous.

i had lunch with my friend sal today. last time i saw him, we were bombing (not literally) around the south african outback. not often do i come home to someone i've traveled with. nice to be alive to see him.

i saw part of his photo collection from that segment of the trip. very nice (hard to believe we were on the same trip, eh). but then he had a hammerin' lens on his camera. oh, it's not about the camera is it? ha!

hopefully, i'll post some of his pix as well.


Wasta said...

Ha, ha! I 've seen it before! Damned wasted spidas!

qtlibrarian said...

Dude when are we going to go for a bike ride? We might have a volunteer spot opent for Austin interested in a free no sleep, all driving trip to Austin? email me