Friday, October 20, 2006

you're killing me softly...

nothin' special about this pic, except for the contrast. i luv contrast. it would have been nice if i there were more illuminated trees in the background to add some depth. maybe next year. end of self-criticism.

weather doesn't look good for this weekend. so, here's a couple of movies you should catch.

trailer park boys: the movie.

let's see... ricky's still wearing that god awful checkered shirt, julian's still drunk, bubbles' still restoring shopping carts, mr. lahey's still drunk, randy's still poppin' the cheeseburgers...

well, you get the idea. nothing new here with the movie version of the tv show. gnome' sayin'?

running time was about an hour 45. they could have made it an hour tv special and retained the cheap video camera look. gnome sayin'?

however, TPB: the movie is still easily the best canadian movie since Strange Brew of bob and doug fame.


if i catch any of you motherf$#kers busting my balls, i'm gonna wack ya.

ok, you see how this film has expanded my vocabulary.

seriously, you've got to rent this film just to watch joe peschi's performance as ruthless, wacko gangster, tommy de vito. ray "i'm not italian" liotta gave a pretty good performance as well. well i'm at it, kudos go out to martin scorsese's mum.

warning: alot of people get wacked. if you don't like watching people getting wacked rent the sound of music instead.

in conclusion, i can't believe they didn't give martin scorsese best director for this or any of his films...

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