Monday, October 02, 2006


bridge on the river bow...

i love fall... until today when the weather turned nasty.

the weather was unbelievable on saturday though. sun drenched and hot. one of those autumn days where the sun's ray pressed down upon your face.

i had to get out.

so, i decided to embark on a BABR (Big Assed Bike Ride). First, i made my way through FCP (fish creek park). gaadd, it's beautiful down there this time of year with all leaves changing. (i'm happy to inform all bikers that the elbow drive parking lot has been officially reconnected to the east side of the park. however, the path system to the west is still in a state of chaotic disrepair. it's still impenetrable, unless you're willing to perform multiple fordings the stream. even so, the paths are strewn with fallen trees. not nice.)

from FCP, i followed elbow drive all the way downtown. i took a break on the path by eau claire. not much happening there except a group of bible thumpers were giving a public multimedia presentation extolling the virtues of their god and the benefits of avoiding the clutches of the devil. it was interesting to watch.

it was funny when their sermons were interrupted by a nearby busker posing as a bagpiper.

c'mon, no one can shout over a bagpiper. ha!

i love downtown.

from eau claire, i plodded along the bow to edworthy park (which is also beautiful this time of year) then up the mofo coulee. from there i dragged my sorry, sore ass home (i was really pooped)

i love fall on the tundra.


nasty, nasty, nasty sunday weather. cold and wet. i'm totally not ready for winter.

i headed down to kensington to meet some old university friends. we all know my friend, ahmed. we were joined by wayne and karen. i haven't seen them in a long time.

well, we met at a cafe, across from the plaza, called higher grounds. i'm sure all my hipster calgary friends are familiar with this establishment.

i ordered a BAC (Big Assed Coffee).

it was alot of fun. i told them they were getting really old. that was hilarious.

we should get together more often.


forgot to wish my jewish readers/friends a happy yom kippur (and a really belated Rosh Hashanah)

while i'm at it, i want to wish my islamic readers/friends (that means you ahmed) a continued happy ramadan season.

note: these wishes are in not in order of importance.


Dillan said...

That sounds like a wonderful weekend, Al. I made a half-assed attempt to go bike riding this weekend, but I was busy on Saturday (company picnic) and damned cold on Sunday. It's kinda sad. I hope it warms up soon.

soapyDave said...

next Sunday my friends? partly sunny and 7? warm enough? it's thanksgiving.