Saturday, December 31, 2005


looks like my NYE has really taken off. i'm flicking channels amongst a cheesy chinese variety new year's show (really bad singing or shrieking), jim carey in ace ventura: pet detective, and the world's strongest man contest on TSN.

clearly, i've been challenged by the qtlibrarian.

my year in review...a brief history.

january: a write-off.
february: a write-off.
march: a write-off.
april: a write-off.
may: a write-off.
june: a write-off.
july: a trip to portland, OR.
august: a trip to las vegas.
september: a write-off.
october: biking to bragg creek, biking to turner valley, AB.
november: i lost the left mitt of my favourite convertible mitts.
december: i went to a Calgary Flames-Minnesota Wild NHL hockey game.

i try better in 2006 to live life to its fullest.

man, it's 2357h. got to go watch the ball drop!

haaaaaaaaaaaaaappppppppppppppppyyyyyyyy NY's

hello my friends,

i promised a door busting year end post tonite.

i can't deliver.

you see, i'm a bit enebriated at my bro's place on this illustrious evening of merriment.

ok, here we go...

my resolution

i will lose 40 pounds of body fat (not necessarily from my head) in 2006... it's gonna be tough but i'll giver, eh...

my advice for 2006.

get a large lcd/plasma widescreen television and then buy a kickass home theater system, maybe a sony or a kenwood, for it. it's all in the sound system, man... you can have all the purdy images but if you ignore the audio, you got crap.

that's it for the serious stuff...

check here to find your closest celebrity look alike...

my results were:

l to r: me & jackie, forrest gump (closest match @ 64 percent), ma man eddie...

the similar facial geometry is fairly evident.

that's it... happy new year!!! and, please don't drink and drive. cya next year!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2005


i hope everyone had and are continually having a great holiday season...

there's nothing like attending a live NHL hockey game. the crazy cheering, the driving, relentless, heavy metal music, the pretty ladies, the sounding of horns to a rhythmic cheer, having beer sloshed on you, the clanging of pucks off the plexiglass, the blast of heat from the "enmax" flame machine, are just of the few things you can't get from watching hockey night in canada on television.

live NHL hockey is like a drug...

my sis took the entire fam (those in town... i.e.) out to the minnesota wild vs. calgary flames game tonight. that was alot of fun.

that Wild team is one tough bunch of hombres to play against. they were lightning fast. daaaaamnnnn...they've got that 2 line pass figured out. in fact, they generated at least 6 scoring chances off breakaways including a penalty shot. for the first period and a half they just forechecked the flames into the ice. they scored first and, unfortunately, then started executing the trap (a defensive strategy where they pull back everyone including the forechecking forwards and line them up across their blue line). that meant really boring hockey. i was still really impressed with their counterattack. man, they can turn a play on a dime...

well, the evening wasn't lost. the calgary flames did comeback. the TSN turning point according to my sis was the kiprusoff save off that Wild penalty shot. i thought the turning point was the late second period goal scored by shean donovan.

credit goes to the flames. i thought they were dead in the water (or on the ice).

thanx sis for a great evening!!!

cowboys in space?

just started watching a tv series called "firefly" on dvd. it's suppose to be that AND a bag of chips. first impressions: the lead character mumbles really fast (i've got to read the subtitles when he speaks), mandarin chinese (forget about ojibwa) is the cryptic language of the future, cheap special fx, and the camera jerks around alot.

i've just watched the first show. so, i'll give it a chance...

stay tuned...

for the blockbuster NYE bigtubofgoo post of the year.

way too much hype in this post already.

good nite.

Friday, December 23, 2005

christmas time is here...

LB & LG are both members of their school's choir.

i had the privilege of attending their xmas concert yesterday.

they and their cohorts put on a really swell show.

and lo and behold, they sang my favourite xmas song... bless their little souls.

click here to listen to my amateurish recording.

by the way, LB was playing the piano...

this what xmas is all about, spending time with LB and LG and the rest of the family.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

religious holidays are ok...

what happened to worshipping the moon?

happy non-denominational birthday (whose statutory holiday status started off as a pagan ritual) to the son (whose middle initial is H) of a super omnipotent being!

i, as one of the unfaithful infidels, don't mind being greeted with "merry christmas".

i treat xmas as a season where i get to have fun with LB and LG.

i eat alot, and i mean ALOT, during christmas.

my sister's going to be home for christmas. i like that.

greeting me with "happy holidays", "season's greetings", "happy channukah" or even "hey, schlimazel..." is ok.

people shouldn't spend so much on christmas presents.

i'm rather apprehensive about the big mall crowds.

they should split xmas. people with surnames that fall between A and M should take a day off a week before Canada Day. the rest of the people would celebrate whenever it's most convenient for them.

christmas lights are pretty but when a whole block of houses are decorated with "icicle" lights (you know the kind i'm talking about) it gets rather tacky.

i won't be watching college bowl games...

i plan on getting whupped by LG playing air hockey after xmas dinner.

i'm hoping for a white christmas. i like snow especially during the winter.

amazing race prediction.

i believe that the family of grown up siblings will win tonite's amazing race on CBS. second place finishers will be the trailer trash family from florida. third will be the 3 cute sisters and their pops.

my heart says the 3 cute sisters and their pops.


feeling a bit under the weather lately. my tummy doesn't feel so well. having an open ended alimentary canal is a mixed blessing.

shout out...

i just wanted to welcome my friend dillan to the world of macro photography with his purchase of a Canon 105 mm f/2.8 EF macro lens. live life large in a very small world, my friend.

Thursday, December 08, 2005