Saturday, December 31, 2005


looks like my NYE has really taken off. i'm flicking channels amongst a cheesy chinese variety new year's show (really bad singing or shrieking), jim carey in ace ventura: pet detective, and the world's strongest man contest on TSN.

clearly, i've been challenged by the qtlibrarian.

my year in review...a brief history.

january: a write-off.
february: a write-off.
march: a write-off.
april: a write-off.
may: a write-off.
june: a write-off.
july: a trip to portland, OR.
august: a trip to las vegas.
september: a write-off.
october: biking to bragg creek, biking to turner valley, AB.
november: i lost the left mitt of my favourite convertible mitts.
december: i went to a Calgary Flames-Minnesota Wild NHL hockey game.

i try better in 2006 to live life to its fullest.

man, it's 2357h. got to go watch the ball drop!


soapyDave said...

i think we did TV and BC both in September (not that I want your October to be a write-off).

bubba said...

that's why i hate these YIR's. can't remember a thing and too lazy to look 'em up.

Dillan said...

I looked long and hard for that mitt, Al. Hey, I sell nice convertable mitts, do you want a pair? Happy New Year!

bubba said...

dillan, good deal on the mitts?

Kyle said...


Dillan said...

Yeah... 4 or 5 clams for a pair. They're very good convertable ones. I own a pair and I think they're great.

bubba said...

hey dillan, 4 or 5 clams?!?!?! what are they made of? what the hell am i talking about?!?!? i'm staring a bargain right in the face, eh. i'll take a pair!!! does that include the GST? forget what i just typed...