Tuesday, December 13, 2005

religious holidays are ok...

what happened to worshipping the moon?

happy non-denominational birthday (whose statutory holiday status started off as a pagan ritual) to the son (whose middle initial is H) of a super omnipotent being!

i, as one of the unfaithful infidels, don't mind being greeted with "merry christmas".

i treat xmas as a season where i get to have fun with LB and LG.

i eat alot, and i mean ALOT, during christmas.

my sister's going to be home for christmas. i like that.

greeting me with "happy holidays", "season's greetings", "happy channukah" or even "hey, schlimazel..." is ok.

people shouldn't spend so much on christmas presents.

i'm rather apprehensive about the big mall crowds.

they should split xmas. people with surnames that fall between A and M should take a day off a week before Canada Day. the rest of the people would celebrate whenever it's most convenient for them.

christmas lights are pretty but when a whole block of houses are decorated with "icicle" lights (you know the kind i'm talking about) it gets rather tacky.

i won't be watching college bowl games...

i plan on getting whupped by LG playing air hockey after xmas dinner.

i'm hoping for a white christmas. i like snow especially during the winter.

amazing race prediction.

i believe that the family of grown up siblings will win tonite's amazing race on CBS. second place finishers will be the trailer trash family from florida. third will be the 3 cute sisters and their pops.

my heart says the 3 cute sisters and their pops.


feeling a bit under the weather lately. my tummy doesn't feel so well. having an open ended alimentary canal is a mixed blessing.

shout out...

i just wanted to welcome my friend dillan to the world of macro photography with his purchase of a Canon 105 mm f/2.8 EF macro lens. live life large in a very small world, my friend.


Dillan said...

He he he! It arrived today! This thing is great! It's actually an EF 100mm f2.8 USM Macro, but what's 5mm between friends?

It's bigger than I imagined. It's a rather heavy bugger too. It seems to be very sharp, focusing is smooth and quiet with USM, and it can nearly fill a frame with a quarter. What more can I ask for?

bubba said...

sorry man. i live in the nikon world where it's 105. for the amt. you spent, it better be sharp. the thing about the longer focal distance is that you won't be close enough to the quarter to scare it away... look forward to some pix.

soapyDave said...

yeah, dillan - get snapping and posting!

haven't seen the race at all, what with no cable and all. however, while at mom's xmas baking, got to accidentally see the finale of idiots-on-an-island. too bad steph lost - i was rooting for her.

bubba said...


you missed a pretty good final leg. final roadblock actually involved some thinking for once.

survivor was pretty nasty. steph was a bad bad girl (bad like the rest of them). the lone survivor dude girl was equally unappealing. i got to quit that show.

soapyDave said...

it's 100% impossible to get to the final two without lying or backstabbing - that's the whole idea of the game. Yet each time a new group of boneheads shows up to play it's like they've never watched an episode before. but i guess that's what makes it so funny!

soapyDave said...

bubba, it looks like the nice people who were storing your profile photo didn't get their rent cheque

bubba said...

soapydave, i agree with you about the backstabbing and lying. it's just the day after when we find out the contestants exactly like their respective survivor personae. that's ugly. maybe that's the way you have to be in life to get ahead. i hope not.

bubba said...

soapydave, until i lockup server space, i'm gonna have to borrow.