Tuesday, January 25, 2005

dillan and ika get hitched...

thekiss, originally uploaded by secretasianman.

not very often am i invited to a wedding but when it happens i feel very honoured. so, i'd like to thank, dillan and his lovely bride, ika. may you be blessed with a thousand camels (or other forms of prosperity/happiness) in your long life together... check out more photos by clicking on the pic or secretasianman.


dean said...

Wish I was there too! Dillan if you're reading this... may you have a wonderful, long, healthy, romantic life with Ika! Congrats!

And, oh yeah... hey Al. Hehehe.

joshua said...

WTF! OMG...where the heck am i when the world moves on? Dillan got married?! Congrats Congrats!!! DILLAN GOT MARRIED!!! You know you're getting old when marriage feels like an overplayed bubblegum-pop-song on rotation 24/7. Whoa~