Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hiking The Rockwall Trail, Kootenay National Park (British Columbia) - Cabin on the Meadows

We got here so late last night, at first, we couldn't find the loo in the dark. I had to dig a hole... Ok, I'll spare you further details.

The outhouse turned out to be a pre-formed seat made of green plastic over a hole in the ground. No walls, or roof. Rudimentary loo, but the view out the "front door" was of the spooky Devil's Thumb-like mountain in the background. Not bad a view, eh? Sit back and relax...

Wolverine Patrol Cabin was home for the night. It was beautifully situated on the Rockwall Pass meadows.

Larry fixing up some flapjacks. Mmmm...flapjacks... Sure beat the 3 packages of instant maple spice flavoured oatmeal I had planned for brekkie that morning. In fact, it was the only thing on my breakfast menu all week long. I ought to learn how to cook one day.

Varmint... some kind of ground squirrel. Gee, what do they feed them up here? That critter's jumbo-sized.

"The Backyard". The trail went right over the ridge in the background towards Helmet Creek, the final stop on the circuit.

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Green arrow marks the Wolverine Patrol Cabin...

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Hiking lover said...

looks like a great trip.
Mats Lundkvist