Thursday, February 12, 2009

Swakopmund, Namibia - Ich liebe Swakopmund!

Swakopmund lighthouse... appropriately located for we are on the southern end of the infamous Skeleton Coast, home to numerous unfortunate shipwrecks over the centuries.

The rough and tumble Atlantic coast off the Swakopmund jetty.

The local architectural style gave me a hankering for a few of my favourite things like schnitzel and bratwurst.

Instead of regular German fare, I did find a much more exotic menu. I'll have the bloody crocodile fillet, leeches on the side please. (1 USD = 6.65 $N)

Swakopmund Chinatown. OK, this was the only Chinese restaurant I found. You think I came all this way for chicken balls? Hell no! Ostrich Hot Pot or Sweet and Sour Warthog maybe...

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Map pointer indicates the Pension De La Mer. Excellent accommodations with secure parking. Delicious brekkie buffet included.

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