Friday, August 24, 2007

look!!! there's a spider in my grapes...

ok, if you didn't like the last video clip, you'll love this one.

to understand this clip to its fullest you have to be a really old person. young people will find the crack spidah most humourous.

i had lunch with my friend sal today. last time i saw him, we were bombing (not literally) around the south african outback. not often do i come home to someone i've traveled with. nice to be alive to see him.

i saw part of his photo collection from that segment of the trip. very nice (hard to believe we were on the same trip, eh). but then he had a hammerin' lens on his camera. oh, it's not about the camera is it? ha!

hopefully, i'll post some of his pix as well.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Friday, August 03, 2007

i did it my way...

i know some loyal readers will be disappointed.

i don't know how to say this other than to say i'm home.

good things must come to an end. well at least for now.

it was a crazy final couple of days in asia. it was fun though (in a logistical kind of way). it was the closest i could come to "trains, planes, automobiles". there was the flight from BKK to Macau, the boat ride to HK, the HK subway/train system to my friend's, wasta, place in the New Territory, the bus to HKG for the flight to YVR, then finally the flight home to YYC.

i was ready to bust out of the airplane cabin on the trip from HKG to YVR.

at least, i got to see wasta (see below). we, his bud steve and gf candy, went out that night and reminisced about the good ol' days in pakistan, india and nepal over dinner at a thai restaurant. he picked up the tab (for brunch, as well)!! if you find yourself in HK, make sure i give you instructions on finding his house. ha!! anyways, it was 7 years since we last saw each other. so, it was really good to see him still really wasted. ha!

would you believe thai people actually talk like this? (l to r: wasta, bubba)

if he's out there reading this, wasta thanx again for your hospitality. like i said, i think we'll meet up again sometime. hope it's not another 7 years between visits.

as for me, it feels very weird to be home. even weirder than previous trips.

observations, so far:

damn it's quiet here. i'm not scared of silence but calgary's a city with a million people, eh? c'mon peoples and make some noise. look alive. man alive.

there aren't not many afro-canadian people in calgary.

damn it's cold here. people are complaining about the oppressive summer heat here. i've lived in 30 plus temps since leaving ethiopia in early may.

since i came home, calgarians have been killing each other left and right on the news. 4 were murdered with guns, 1 homeless bum was beaten senseless by a gang of thugs, 1 woman was murdered despite people hearing her cries for help, 2 calgarian men were killed in a hit and run incident, and last but not least a kid was deliberately pushed into the path of an on coming LRT (train)... i find it ironic that people worry about my personal safety when i'm traveling in places like africa. africa's tame compared to calgary in terms of violent crime, eh.

i renewed my library card immediately.

i've begun running again. man, i'm outta shape.

i've resumed a north american diet. man, we eat alot of meat/protein. i don't think my stomach knows how to process it all. it's going right through me.

i weighed myself. after a month of continuous eating, i'm only at 160 lbs (72.64 kg or 13 1/3 stone). i swear i packed on at least 5 to 10 lbs. since egypt. i was 200 lbs. at the beginning of the trip.

ed. note:

1) apologies to friends in calgary. it takes me awhile to acclimatize to being home again. we should go for beer soon.

2) i will publish more photos soon.

3) anyone know of any job openings in cowtown?