Sunday, July 22, 2007

more bangkok fun.

#1. i wish i could insert the video but this kid i shall call mr. xylophone wiz. i contributed to his college fund.

#2. before... (ed. note: sorry for fuzziness. my glasses suck.)

#3. after...

#4. putting on the moves...

#5. a nice day for a walk for what seemed to be 1 million people.

my bad. walk this day was actually a pro-democracy rally.

ed. notes.

1. some people really hate bangkok. i love it. people are really friendly (unlike cairo, where everyone's kind of stoic). there's stuff to do. there's alot of stuff to eat. it's alive. it's vibrant. not dead, i'm sorry to say, like cowtown.

2. photos #1 to 4. went down to the weekend market today. glad i did. i was supposed to go shopping but i lost track of time. it was a circus down there (a good circus vs. khao san rd.). plenty of people watching.

3. photos #5 to 6. funny thing happened on the way to the weekend market. encountered a parade of 1 million people dressed in yellow shirts walking down the street. i thought, 'what a great way to honour the king' (yellow is the royal colour). just happened that it was a march protesting against the military junta running thailand. holy crap. i broke security rule #6: "stay out of political rallies to preserve life". how was i suppose to know? my bad.

4. went down to patpong a few nights ago with my brazilian girlfriend. patpong is bangkok's infamous redlight district. hasn't changed a bit. clean but still sleazy... we took up all offers of free "looky, lookies". in one joint a banana landed within a metre of our feet. should of saw expression on the face of my brazilian friend. i laughed my head off. avoided thee bevy of "ping pong" shows.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

same, same...but different...really...i mean that...

the croaking frogs are killing me...

a 7-11 with no slurpees? can that be possible. that's like starbucks without carmel macchiatos...

girl or boy? do i have to ask?

dedicated to my friend sal. he loves satays...

top 10 things overheard on khao san road...

10. how many of them mango/sticky rice thingies have you had tonite?
9. the tom yam fried my brain last nite...
8. is that kenny rogers with that hot, young Thai girl?
7. erik estrada has left the building!!
6. i can't believe i got ripped off on khao san rd.
5. are you sure you're a guy...?
4. wow, i'm the biggest jackass on khao san road...
3. these croaking frogs are killin' me...
2. if the rest of thailand is like this, i'm going to have a swell time here.
1. where are all the thai people... ?

ed. notes.
1. for my loyal readers in calgary, khao san rd. to bangkok is 17th ave to calgary except in this case khao san rd. is 17th on 'roids, crack, and amphetamines. to my other loyal readers, khao san is the centre of the backpacker universe, a never never land for travelers (well for some of them).

2. i haven't been here on khao san in 7 years. nothing has changed except for the frog ladies and the presence of bar girls on the pavement.

3. i'm off to the thailand vs. australia asia cup game tomorrow. wahoo. i'm going with a brazilian girl and a guy from the land o' oz. hope to see some football hooligans, eh.

4. i wanna go home.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

pad thai here i come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 9, 2007
Cairo, Egypt - Cairo International, terminal 1
11:55 +1 day(s)
Bangkok, Thailand - Suvarnabhumi Intl Airport
Egyptair MS960 e
Boeing 777-200/300

ed. note.

1. happy bday mr. K.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

back in paradise...

i'm staying at the venerable dahab hostel in downtown cairo. it's located on the rooftop of a seven story building. nice view, eh? your challenge is to tell me how many satellite dishes are in the above image. who says this blog is boring?

thanx for all the emails from loyal readers about my whereabouts.

after dahab, i came back to cairo. i've been on the internet for hours upon hours researching the next destination.

edit. notes.

1) to the bastard thief in dahab who stole my glasses: i replaced my eyeglasses yesterday. i can see clearly once again. next time trip an old lady while she is crossing a street and leave visually impaired people alone.