Wednesday, July 04, 2007

back in paradise...

i'm staying at the venerable dahab hostel in downtown cairo. it's located on the rooftop of a seven story building. nice view, eh? your challenge is to tell me how many satellite dishes are in the above image. who says this blog is boring?

thanx for all the emails from loyal readers about my whereabouts.

after dahab, i came back to cairo. i've been on the internet for hours upon hours researching the next destination.

edit. notes.

1) to the bastard thief in dahab who stole my glasses: i replaced my eyeglasses yesterday. i can see clearly once again. next time trip an old lady while she is crossing a street and leave visually impaired people alone.


dean said...

I think there's 21 dishes.

So where is the next destination?

Anonymous said...

Without blowing up your guess is 37...

Sawadee kaa man Sawadee kaa!

Say hi to the big buddha for me - I love that place. Are you going north at all? I would go back to Chang Mai just for the banana pancakes from the pancake guy (6pm downtown everynight!). Mmmmm pancakes.... Or are you going to go south and do find scuba nirvana?

Either way, have fun and send some buddha photos back!

Hugs from
the haus frau