Sunday, November 25, 2007

the 95th grey cup game.

there's only a few minutes until the biggest CFL game of the year. so, for what it's worth, here is my prediction:

heart says winnipeg blue bombers in a squeeker. i like underdogs. i saw enough of this dimdoodle quarterback in the east final. he played ok against what was supposedly the best defence in the league. he could be worse. as for experience, it may be over-hyped. he might have a jeff garcia game. then he might not.

brain says the saskatchewan roughriders will run away with it. that hurt me to write. hopefully, they are off their game.

so, heart + brain = saskatchewan in a squeeker.

just sittin' here eating cheezies and watching the pregame festivities on the tube. they just had a piece on the 55 year history of the CFL on the CBC. hmmm...flashbacks of announcers like don chevrier, ernie afghanistan, ted reynolds, and don whitman. damn, those are really old school guys, eh.

got to get some more snacks.

go stamps go!!!

ps. spent the whole morning at the TNT big boom Supermarket in the ghetto. if you love hanging around a lotta chinese folks, go there girl/boy. no shortage of bruthas/sistas squeezing the oranges this AM, eh.

game update: for a moment there at the end of the game i thought they were going taser the grey cup.

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