Wednesday, September 06, 2006

i had a awesome dream...part IV

mystery photo #43: where in cowtown can you find this piece of artwork? hint: it's found around this area of town.

i was driving around last night desparately trying to complete an assignment for photo[artifacts], the new and exciting blog just for aspiring photographers (and hacks like me). the topic of the week was speed.

the above photo ended up on the edit room floor but i thought it was kind of interesting.

check out the blog. click here. if you want to contribute, i think we can hook you up...

breaking news...

chinese digital tv has hit a new low. yummy, yummy, i'm not kidding about the name, is a fictional show about a reality show involving teams of people who are racing around the world completing various tasks. does that concept ring a bell?

i think i've finally found a job that i can sink my teeth into. all i have to do is dust off the ol' CV and find some decent references. click here to see the posting. you needn't apply because i'm perfectly suited for the job. really.


Len said...

Calgary Science Centre?

bubba said...

damn you're good len. next time no clues 4 u. yes, it's a pic of the "poker chip" sculpture in front of the science centre. purdy, eh.

btw, congrats on your marriage!!