Monday, July 11, 2005


i might read the calgary herald once or twice a year. but, i got a freebie copy at the chinook centre stampede breakfast (long story...).

i nearly choked on my freebie flapjack when i turned to page A3 to find this photo of the leader of her majesty's loyal opposition. you see why i don't read the herald...

what the hell is going on with stephen harper? he's supposed to be working the bbq/pancake circuit, rubbing shoulders with mr. and mrs. johnny canuck this summer. you know...he's supposed to be working on his image.

dear mr. harper, i have a suggestion: fire your high priced p.r. makeover consultants NOW!

what were you thinkin'?


qtlibrarian said...

He should hire me to be his image consultant! Yes Mr. Harper everyone is wearing the lastest in Clown Floppy Shoes. It's the hottest thing in France.

I leave in 11 sleeps for my magical mystery trip!

bubba said...

floppy shoes? that'd be a nice touch... it'd certainly take the focus off that really bad hat. is that a cowboy hat?!?

i have an idea of the "mystery" behind your trip (i.e. the venetian link on you site). have fun!!! how 'bout bringing home some window blinds for me?? ha!

qtlibrarian said...

The hat doesn't offend me nearly as much as the too tight leather vest does. I may have to start a rumour that he's into S&M, look at the leather.

I'll post my itinerary next Friday!

Anonymous said...

He looks like he is promoting the new same sex bill that passed, but he got the image all wrong.

And why does the hat look photo shopped onto his head?

Kyle said...

This whole "hip, cool" makeover he's going for to make him more "appealing" is making him just look absolutely stupid.

Thank god.

Someone from each of the other major parties needs to give the image consultant a big cheque and make sure they keep up the GREAT work.